Perfecting your kitchen diner

Have you ever dreamed about a modern or retro-style kitchen diner in your home? Consider these tips when planning your kitchen renovation.

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Consider the layout and size

A significant advantage of building a new home or extending/remodelling your existing property is that you have greater flexibility on deciding the size and shape of the diner layout. If zoned correctly, a large square or rectangle can be a good option. If you want to separate the kitchen from the dining area, an L shape can be a good option.

A L-shaped room is popular because the kitchen is hidden from view. This allows you to have your dining area and not see all the dirty dishes. When you need Kitchen Refurbishment Guildford, visit a Kitchen Refurbishment Company.

Lighting is essential

Lighting is crucial, especially in rooms with multiple functions. You should consider incorporating several layers of lighting, including task, accent and ambient lighting, in a kitchen diner.

Think about the activities that might occur in this space. Will the table be used for homework or work? You might also want to add task lighting in addition to the attractive pendants.

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Natural light is abundant

You’ll want to maximise the natural light that enters the room. It will also reduce the need for artificial lighting. Consider the size and placement of the windows and doors in order to bring as much natural light as possible into your floor plan. Some ideas include:

Rooflights can provide light to deeper parts of the room.

The dining table topped with a large lantern.

You can also influence the light level by choosing fittings and fixtures. Choose gloss units with a neutral or light shade. Also, light flooring, such as pale wood, or limestone can be used.

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