How to care for the skin in winter?

Skin in winter- We tend to believe that the worst time for the skin is summer, due to the harmful effects of solar radiation. In fact many patients come as a rule to the consultation to prepare it, take care of it and protect it explains Isabel Gonzalez Partitive, specialist in aesthetic medicine at the Campos DE Gibraltar Quirinal Hospital but in winter low temperatures, heating and wind dehydrate and they alter the protective skin barrier, making our skin vulnerable. For this reason, he points out, at this time of year, the routine of daily skin care is essential.

Top tips how to care for the skin in winter

the skin in winter

Clean the skin thoroughly, morning and night, with the right product for your type.

Exfoliate to activate. Exfoliating the skin a couple of times a week helps in the renewal process. In other words, ” skin ” the skin to respond.

 Use the appropriate cosmetic treatment for each type of skin and their needs. Winter is the time to start treatments that contain Vit A, Vit C and Vit E, molecules whose activity and effectiveness are proven. But for these assets to be truly effective, they must be in stable formulas and at high concentration. These high concentrations mean that, generally, these types of products are only prescribed in medical consultations.

 Photo protection. Sun protection is the cosmetic par excellence. Always apply it, regardless of the season, summer and winter, always half an hour before the exhibition and must be replaced every two hours if we stay outdoors. Remember that cloudy days also have to be protected.

Treatments. In addition to daily home routine, the winter months are the ideal time for aesthetic medical clinical treatments that can not be performed in summer because of the risk of the sun; Now is the ideal time. Laser rejuvenation for the elimination of spots, wrinkles, acne scars and sagging; peelings and revitalization treatments with chronically acid, simulators of collagen such as hydrogenation or tension threads to treat flaccidity.

On the other hand, there are other highly effective treatments and highly satisfactory results, such as botulinum toxin for expression wrinkles or filling implants to recover lost volumes, improve the facial profile, restore the lost splendor to the skin and protect it for the future .

Basic guidelines care for skin in winter

best  skin in winter

The skin is the most extensive organ of our body. It acts as a barrier, protecting us from the outside and, for that reason, it is subjected to continuous aggression caused by the sun, pollution and cold, among other things. All this causes the skin to suffer, so we must adapt to each situation, giving that part of our body the care it deserves. Nor should we forget that a bad diet can contribute to cell deterioration, therefore we must take into account this internal factor when caring for the skin in winter.

How should I take care of my skin in winter

discover skin in winter

In winter our skin is subjected to sudden and constant temperature changes. The cold and especially the wind dry our skin making it more fragile and sensitive. In addition, indoor heating removes moisture from the environment worsening the appearance of our skin and making it more dehydrated.


The first step to having a beautiful and well-groomed skin is cleanliness. Pollution, smoke and daily makeup dirty our skin clogging our pores and preventing the skin from breathing properly. It is very important not to forget to clean our face every day when returning home using a good make-up remover.

If you are one of those who prefer the easy you can choose to use mi cellar water . Mi cellar water serves to remove dirt and grease accumulated on the face, without rubbing and without the need for rinsing. They also hydrate, Mattie, close pores and soothe the skin, all in one step. You can use it day and night.

The mi cellar water is very practical because with a single product eliminate dirt face and eyes. It is suitable for all skin types since its composition is very soft, it is applied very easily with a cleansing disc and by not needing rinsing it does not irritate the skin, leaving it clean and fresh.

If on the contrary you are one of those who like to spend more time cleaning your face you can use a cleansing lotion followed by a tonic. If you have drier skin you can opt for specific makeup removers for this type of skin.


The hydration is essential for our skin, it is very important to choose a moisturizer according to the needs of each. This cream should be applied on clean skin before applying make-up and in a gentle way.

If you have dry skin in winter you should exercise extreme caution since dry skin is a more sensitive skin that is affected more by external adverse factors. If you are one of those who have this type of skin  we recommend that you use a good day cream , that provides your skin with the extra hydration you need, without forgetting, of course, supplementing it with a good nourishing night cream , at which time Your skin rests, is repaired and is more receptive to any treatment.

Do not forget to use a good lip moisturizer during the winter , as these will crack easily when the weather conditions are more adverse.

The hydration of hands is also required during the coldest time of the year. A hand cream that protects, hydrates and regenerates should never be missing in your hydration kit . The skin of the hands is in constant contact with the outside, hence its care requires our full attention. Ideally, apply an appropriate cream at least 3 or 4 times a day.


The exfoliation is something that many of us forget to do as often as we should. It is a fundamental step for a complete care of our skin . Exfoliate consists in eliminating dead cells so that we get our skin to absorb better any treatment that we apply. When finishing the exfoliation our skin will be much softer. These positive results should not cause us to abuse the exfoliation since if we do it we will eliminate other superficial cells leaving the skin of our face overexposed and without its natural protection. Ideally, exfoliate our skin twice a week if your skin is rather dry or once a week if you have more oily skin.

Internal hydration: you have to drink water

Dry skin is not the same as dehydrated skin, dry skin has a lower amount of lipids, which makes it a less dense, thinner and more sensitive skin.

A dehydrated skin is one that loses water excessively. Any type of skin can also be a dehydrated skin , so it is very important that we hydrate our skin from inside drinking enough water and from outside using our daily cream. A dehydrated skin appears tighter and rougher and may have small scaly areas. There are more reasons that can help you dehydrate your skin like too long showers with very hot water, the use of too irritating soaps for our skin or certain medications.

Healthy and balanced diet

You should not forget the importance of a balanced diet, some lack in any nutrient makes our skin suffer and worsen its appearance. The diet we carry has a direct effect on the salute of our skin.

In Informativeness we recommend that you consume daily foods rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your skin from the free radicals that are generated on the surface of our skin as a result of pollution and UV rays. sun, among other things. If you do not take care of your diet, you will eventually cause the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen . Therefore, if you want to provide vitamin C to your skin, it consumes citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, grapefruit, peppers, potatoes …

It is very important that you consume eggs and dairy products as they provide vitamin D that prevents bone loss, thus preventing flaccidity of the skin.

Orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, mango and others like spinach and broccoli contain a lot of vitamin A , a potent antioxidant that promotes skin healing and strengthens your defenses.

Therefore it is very important to follow some basic rules that will come in handy for the skin and for everything in general:

  • Consume fruits and vegetables
  • Do not abuse unprocessed foods
  • Avoid fats and fried foods as much as possible
  • Being moderate with salt as it can cause fluid retention, which makes our skin appear swollen
  • Avoid foods with a high hypoglycemic index since they can favor the appearance of sebum
  • Drink alcohol in moderation to prevent dehydration of our skin making it look more dry and dull.

Finally, the skin is the largest organ of the body so we can not forget to take good care of it. Over the years we have an invoice and we have to choose the right product to show off a radiant and hydrated skin in winter, especially now in these cold months.

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