How is Balinese massage?

One of the best remedies to relax the mind and body undoubtedly resort to a good Balinese massage. Originally from Indonesia, particularly from the exotic island of Bali that gives it its name, this traditional massage has its origins in Indian medicine, directly related to traditional Chinese medicinal therapies. Balinese massage can dissolve any kind of deep tension, which leads you to a state of total relaxation. Known for its exoticism, given the vast use of perfumed essential oils, it is characterized by pressures and manual movements that favor the activation of the lymphatic system and the blood circulation and at the same time regenerate the skin. If you want to know more about Balinese massage, carefully read the following article from in which we explain everything about this therapy capable of renewing body and soul.

What is a Balinese massage?balinese massage

Light faint candles, aromatic essences, incense, soft music … Balinese massage is known for its exoticism and its high power of relaxation. It originated in Indonesia, more specifically in Bali, the island that gave it its name, and its technique comes from traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine, with nuances of Chinese therapies. This massage not only aims to improve the body at the therapeutic level and get to eliminate the deeper tensions of our muscle tissue but also seeks the total relaxation of body and mind, while it is used as a ritual to feel more beautiful and healthy, from the inside to the outside.

According to the Balinese tradition, it was the beauty goddess Laksmi, from Indonesian mythology, who with her four arms transmitted the technique of this message to the Balinese. That is why for its realization, the manual pressure on the body is used. Thus, this body therapy uses, in turn, techniques and knowledge derived from acupressure (finger pressure), reflexology, stretching and some principles of yoga. On the other hand, the great flow of trade and exchange of spices between India and China led to the discovery of new knowledge that improved the Balinese massage and incorporated into the therapy the oils and herbs that today make it one of the more exotic massages.

Balinese massage aims to apply traditional wisdom and an extreme delicacy to the treatment to be able to relax and stimulate the body until reaching the harmony. That is why it is considered that this modality of massage has a high therapeutic power with which one can achieve, with the state of relaxation an effect of physical and mental well-being to all who receive it. Read moreĀ 5 Simple Ways to Defeat Stress

Benefits of Balinese massagebalinese massage

As previously mentioned, if Balinese massage stands out for something it is because of the multiple positive effects that it produces in the person who receives it. These benefits include the following:

  • Activates blood circulation.
  • It favors the lymphatic system and natural drainage.
  • Combats muscle and joint pain, improving muscle mobility and toning.
  • Help treat allergies as well as other respiratory problems.
  • Reduces stress and tension, favoring good heart rate.
  • Helps improve sleep difficulty thanks to relaxation.
  • It improves concentration and memory and helps reduce headaches and migraines.
  • It calms states of anxiety and/or depression.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • It is a great treatment to lose weight.

Balinese massage produces positive effects since, as the Indian tradition indicates, it helps to open the channels of energy, so that it absorbs good energy and bad disappears. The state of total harmony is the main purpose of this therapy. keep readingĀ 3 depurative and low fat diets

How to do a Balinese massagebalinese massage

To do this therapy, the first thing to know is that 107 anatomical points are worked that are distributed throughout the body. In these energetic points, which stimulate our organs and which are related to traditional Chinese acupuncture, including nerves, joints, bones, veins, and arteries. This is where you will work to achieve total relaxation. Although there are some technical variations (Urat, Sasak, Lombok …), we will focus on two variants to perform the traditional Balinese massage.

First variant: Balinese massage is performed on a stretcher. To give the average pressure to the energy points, the forearms are used. To warm up the movements, use warm oil.

Second variant: the massage takes place in a traditional Japanese bed, directly on the floor. To press the stitches, the feet are used. For this, support points (bars, chairs …) are required so that the therapist’s body can be moved and move over the receiver body more easily. The pressure should be medium.

Whichever technique is selected (arms or feet), the message is done all over the body using different manual techniques such as:

  • Palmar pressure, with knuckles or digital.
  • Surface friction and smears.
  • Muscle stretching and twisting.
  • Foot, hand and foot reflexology.
  • Soft pinching and stroking.

Remember that the key is the pressure points (medium/high) with which you must reach the deeper tissues to release the tension. And, as tradition indicates, before starting Balinese massage, a foot bath should be performed in the receiver.

To aid in the relaxation of the recipient, aromatic essences or incense are used. Also, infusion sacs of flowers are placed on the eyelids of the receiver (for approximately 10 minutes) so that it reaches the state of harmony.

Balinese massage contraindicationsbalinese massage

Before you perform a Balinese massage and discover all its benefits and positive effects on your body, you should know that there are some contraindications to treatment. It is recommended to go with caution if:

You are pregnant (remember that massage takes place throughout the body and pressure points could affect the fetus).

  • Have some muscle or joint damage as well as hernias.
  • It was recently operated.
  • You have heart problems.
  • Is under pharmacological treatment.

Before receiving a Balinese massage, consult your situation with the professional therapist. This will ensure you take no risk and enjoy this wonderful treatment. Try It!

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