The Fundamental Principles of The Kneipp Method

In health and in thermal stations you often hear about the Kneipp: But what is it?

The method is named after the German priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-97) who developed a health doctrine based on naturopathy, which sees man and nature live together in an inseparable harmony.

At the age of 28, Sebastian Kneipp applied his methods to recover from severe tuberculosis at the time often fatal. But Kneipp, inspired by a treaty of hydrotherapy of the eighteenth century, began to dive several times a week in the icy waters of the Danube. These brief exposures to cold water seemed to strengthen his immune system, until it healed of tuberculosis. From then on dedicated his life to studying the medicinal powers of water, plants and herbs.


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The Kneipp doctrine is based on five fundamental principles that complement each other:

  • The water: This principle is the basis of the Kneipp method and involves alternating hot and cold water to stimulate circulation and strengthen muscles with possible analgesic effect in acute inflammatory processes.
  • Plants: Kneipp the best medicine is nature. He argued that “For every sickness there is a plant remedy”. From this philosophy we are born the essential oils, herbal teas, bath salts. Herbs exert their beneficial effects through the skin, respiratory tract and mucous membranes.
  • The power supply: A balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy and active life that does not mean to follow fad diets but to adopt a varied and balanced, emphasizing fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and cereals. They are local products that allow you to get in harmony with nature.
  • The movement: Regular exercise, preferably outdoors and non-competitive, procures a pleasant sense of well-being, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system.
  • The balance of spirit and body: To achieve the balance of the body is important to reach that of the spirit through the practice of religion or through relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.

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A typical example of Kneipp we find in spas expected to walk in two parallel tubs, a cold and the other warm, alternating first one and then the other. The change in temperature stimulates the circulatory system and strengthens the immune system. The immersion in cold water tones and reduces the sense of swelling and fatigue, while the hot water relaxes the body. The route is particularly suitable for those suffering from poor circulation, but plays an important role on the emotional sphere, giving a feeling of serenity and inner peace.

We can also find a range of products based on Kneipp method, from bath salts to oils and body creams. All products are linked by a particular attention to the ingredients (all derived from plants, without preservatives, paraffin or allergenic substances), developed and tested by dermatologists and professionals in the environment.

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