11 cities in Thailand you must visit

Thailand is an exotic destination for lovers of Asian countries, where you will discover from a world full of culture, traditions and festivals to beaches and paradisiacal places that you would never expect to find. The most recommended is that you make a circuit through Thailand passing, if not all, by almost all the cities shown below:


Visit one of the best places in Thailand passing through its capital Bangkok. It is characteristic for the canals that run through the city called “Klongs” and for its floating markets “The Floating Maket. Many are the tourists who visit this city only to buy so much typical food from there, such as jewelry, clothes and others while traveling in small canoes crossing this wonderful city.

The Capital of Thailand also offers you an unforgettable route visiting its great and ancient temples and monasteries. Considered the most beautiful in Southeast Asia, the following stand out: Wat Phra Kaseo, What Pra and Wat Arun. Given its proximity, you can visit each of them on foot, without using transport.


cities in Thailand

Perhaps the best place to spend your holidays in Thailand given its tropical paradise atmosphere.

It has a large number of beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear waters perfect for maritime activities such as diving and snorkeling. Also take the opportunity to start boat routes and visit places such as the Phi Phi islands or Phan Na Bay.

At night, head over to Patong and go to Bangla Road, a magical place full of parties and full of bars, clubs and high-energy inhabitants where you will fall in love with its great nightlife.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, or “New Castle” translated directly from Thai, is one of the largest cities in Thailand. With more than 300 Buddhist temples, Chiang Mai is a fascinating route through Thailand, full of culture and customs that will make you connect with this region and be part of them as if you were living there.

Another of the most attractive things about Chiang Mai are its traditional festivals, full of life and music that will make you fall in love with its best nightlife. The most recognized festivals are: Loi Kratong, “Flower Festival” and Songkran (New Year)

Chiang rai

It is located in the north of Thailand and is another city characteristic for its Buddhist temples, like Chiang Mai. It has many mountain landscapes and offers two spectacular trips to the peaks of Doi Mae Salonga and Doi Tung where once at the top you will enjoy unparalleled views.


If you like historical monuments, on your trip to Thailand you cannot miss Ayutthaya.

You cannot miss: the Wat Chaiwatthanaram Temple, the Wat Maha That (Buddha’s head), the Wat Phra Si San Phet temple (or Old Royal Palace), its palaces, the Bang Pa-In Palace and the Summer Palace of the King and Wat Phra Mahathat ruins.


Near the country of Malaysia is the beautiful city of Krabi. Like Phuket, it also has magnificent beaches, many of which are lined with coral reefs. Take a trip to Thailand in August or on similar dates to make the most of the warm temperatures and jump into the sea to practice diving and snorkeling to discover its great marine fauna.

Doi saket

Doi Saket, a humble, not very large town whose strength lies in its great temple. Climbing a hill you will reach a huge temple inhabited by monks that will take you back several years in time. If you have the opportunity to enter, you can admire its decoration and why it is one of the great destinations in Thailand.


cities in Thailand

150 kilometers from Bangkok is this beautiful city, Pattaya. It has great beaches, a destination for many tourists for its waters and the kindness of the inhabitants of the coast.

Near Pattaya there are 3 highly recommended islands to visit: The island of Mu ko Phai, Mu ko Lan and Ko Rin.

It is also a fantastic place to travel with both family and lovers. You cannot miss its famous Nong Nooch Garden, a wonderful place half zoo half garden where you will see different species of animals that will make your trip to Thailand unforgettable.

Khao lak

Located in Phang Nga province, Khao Lak was a tsunami target city in 2004 and has been incredibly rebuilt, a destination for many tourists.

A place intended especially for families due to its pleasant atmosphere and its beautiful beaches that border the Andaman Sea.

Ko Samui

cities in Thailand
Ko Samui

Its pleasant climate and fabulous nature make the island of Ko Samui the most beautiful in Thailand. Once on the island, it is advisable to rent a jep or motorcycle and take a tour of this magnificent island, both its mountains and its jungles ending in its paradisiacal beaches and resting in a peace and tranquility worthy of the island.

Hua hin

cities in Thailand
Hua hin

The large city of Hua Hin is located 400 kilometers from Bangkok and is famous for its 5-kilometer long beach, which is a favorite of most tourists who travel to Thailand.

Another of the things that travelers love the most is its wide variety of markets and flea markets that offer unique pieces of crafts, traditional foods, clothes … and much more.

These have been the 11 best cities in Thailand that you cannot miss.

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