3 Things To Do in Florida That Aren’t Theme Parks

Florida has been a favorite destination for family vacations for generations. Each year, millions of visitors flock to the state’s numerous theme parks and beautiful beaches. There is so much more to the state than those tourist-laden places, though. If Florida is on your radar for an upcoming trip, consider spending some quality time away from the crowds by adding one or more of these ideas to your itinerary. 

1. Head to Sea on a Day Charter

You don’t get much more secluded than passing a day on a private fishing charter out on the open water. That makes a fishing trip an ideal way to really spend some quality time together as a family. Plus, you just might catch your dinner for the next day. While longer trips are best suited for adults, there are also great options for family-friendly fishing charters Jacksonville FL

2. Tour the Opulent opulent Ca’ d’Zan Mansion

The former home of John and Mable Ringling, of the famous Ringling and Bros. Circus, Ca’ d’Zan is an architectural marvel. Originally completed in 1926, this Sarasota mansion has been fully restored, including the furnishings, and is open to the public for viewing on most days. 

3. Search for the Fountain of Youth

Rumor has it that the famous Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León searched for the famed fountain of youth along the coast of what is now northern Florida. Although the true history is a little more complicated, you can follow in his footsteps in the charming seaside town of St. Augustine. While there, stop by Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. It marks the site of the nation’s oldest city and is open for visitors and special events year-round. 

There are plenty of things to do in Florida that don’t involve crowded beaches, costumed characters or hours-long lines. Hitting the water on a private fishing charter, touring the opulent Ca’ d’Zan or surrounding yourself with history in St. Augustine are sure to delight the entire family. 

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