Is Your Child Scared of Haircuts? Try These 3 Things

Most parents have that classic first haircut picture. The one where the child cries hysterically in the barbershop chair, upset that someone has disturbed their precious locks. While many adults expect some tears during that initial cut, the constant upset reaction may prove frustrating long-term if the child doesn’t adjust to the situation. How can you alleviate your little one’s woes? Try these three things to make the haircut an enjoyable experience.

1. Pick a Kid-Friendly Location

Kids may not understand why someone is coming toward them with scissors and a razor, and that concept can seem terrifying to them, especially if the hairdresser isn’t used to working with littles. Be sure to select a place that specializes in childrens haircuts Sterling VA. Find someone who is patient, friendly and makes the time fun.

2. Get Your Hair Cut Too

Pick someplace that could also cut your hair too. When kids see you get a haircut first (without any tears), they may understand that the event isn’t as scary as they think. Make it a family occasion, and everyone can go together. Then, it’s not intimidating; it becomes a family bonding experience.

3. Offer a Reward or Incentive

Do something fun after the haircut. Plan an outing, grab an ice cream or head out to dinner. Sometimes having a little reward for the end is enough to ease the fear. Plus, the positive outlet could overcome any unpleasant feelings. Try and avoid toys because that can get expensive in the end and make it hard to break long-term. Instead, think of something simple, easy and not hard on the pocket. The park, for example, is a fun trip that doesn’t cost money.

Take something uncertain and uneasy and make it fun and exciting. Find a place that understands how to help kids feel good during a haircut, get one with your little one and plan something fun for immediately after.

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