5 Ways to help your DBS check run smoothly

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check used to be called a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. In 2012 the CRB merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority and the DBS was formed. A DBS check is a criminal record check and is required for various reasons such as working with children or in healthcare. Here are five simple ways to ensure your DBS check runs smoothly.

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1. Prepare

The best way to speed up the DBS check process is to make sure you are prepared and that you understand the information and documents you are required to provide such as your full contact details, birth details and unspent convictions. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the ID checking guidelines as the process can be complicated.

2. Go online

Making your application online is an easy way to speed up your DBS check. One of the biggest causes of delay with DBS checks is incorrectly completed forms. When applying online your information is sent straight away and over a secure connection, and you won’t need to worry about documents being lost in the post. The online application system also assists you as it checks for any errors while you are completing your application, so you can fix them before submitting.

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3. Use an expert

Consulting a reputable company to advise and support you is a great way to ensure your DBS check will run smoothly. Experts specialising in CRB check history and DBS checks offer a great combination of expertise across the old and new systems such as (http://www.carecheck.co.uk/). Using an expert will save you time and clear up any confusion surrounding the application process.

4. Check your work

When completing your DBS application it is essential to provide accurate information, including the correct spelling and matching information provided on original documents. Bear in mind DBS checks enlist the help of the Police National Computer. If you write something incorrectly on your form, the error could render your DBS check invalid.

5. Sign up for email notification

There is an online option to be notified via email when your DBS check is complete. If you select this option you save significant time, otherwise, you need to wait for your certificate to arrive in the post.

Following these simple steps will ensure your DBS check proceeds smoothly.

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