Benefits Of Volunteering

Everyone knows that volunteer work looks good on a resume or college application. When you are trying to appeal to schools or employers, clocking some hours at your local soup kitchen can make you look more well-rounded. But what benefits does volunteer work really bring to the table?

Social Psychology

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Volunteering can help improve your social skills and abilities. Whether you’re handing out meals to houseless individuals or walking dogs at your local shelter, each volunteer job requires at least some amount of communication with other people. Learning to navigate communication errors and interact with people outside of your social bubble is an essential part of youth development Boston MA.


Volunteering is a great way to become a part of your local community. It provides you with the opportunity to learn that society functions best when people help those around them. Sometimes work doesn’t always earn a dollar profit, but that work is still valuable to the people who need it. Being a working part of your own community is incredibly rewarding on its own.


Volunteering is a great way to develop your sense of empathy for others. You will get to learn about the experiences of people who come from all walks of life and get the chance to learn about things that you may not fully understand. By engaging with people from different backgrounds than you, you will be able to develop empathy and understanding for people and situations that may have previously seemed foreign to you.

Even if volunteer work may not sound like your cup of tea, you should look around for opportunities to volunteer in ways that would be meaningful to you. While there are plenty of shelters in need of volunteers to help hand out food, there are also a large number of libraries that need books shelved, animal shelters that need cat toys made, or summer camps that need counselors. Find something that suits you, and you will gain as much from the work as you put into it.

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