Can you use knitting wool to do macrame?

Do you have some old knitting wool lying around and would like to try something new with it and not let it go to waste? Or maybe you are thinking of taking up macrame for the first time, but are nervous about investing in the materials and equipment in case you find it’s not for you. So, can you use knitting wool to do macrame?

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Yes…and no

The good news is that you can definitely use your wool knitting yarn to make some macrame projects. However, wool yarn is not suited to some projects and will not have the same visual effect as macrame cords for some patterns. Most macrame projects will be designed with macrame cords in mind, so here are two things to consider.

The strength of the yarn

Wool can be thick and heavy, but despite this may not hold up that well when used in macrame and you may end up with a saggy mess. Lighter yarns like hemp and cotton may prevent this and are a better option than wool if you aren’t ready to invest in a macrame kit such as those available from

If you want to make something heavy-duty, macrame cords are the way to go. 3-ply cords can withstand weight (in fact, sailors throughout history have made macrame with rope) and are therefore more suitable for larger items, including hanging pots, which are a stylish addition to any home.

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Knotting and the art of macrame

Some knitting yarns will not hold a knot well, and that after all is what macrame is all about! Synthetic yarns are usually not suitable for knotting. The best way to test this is by trying out some key knots like a lark’s head.

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