Emerging Food Trends of 2017

Just like fashion, food encounters trends as well. Here are some of the trends that we saw in food throughout 2017.  These are the trends that affect what’s in the supermarkets and what you’re most likely to be cooking at home for your family.

  1. Regional Food

We are all still very much in love with regional foods that burst with great flavour. Hyper regional cuisine is going to remain very popular with food, for example from Nordic bakeries to niche Cuban restaurants. Mexican food is still big news with tacos making a consistent appearance on Instagram feeds. Tacos are easy to make and a great source of nutrition that you can be totally in charge of what goes in your taco. For great regional cuisine ideas, find Online Food Recipes at http://food-tales.com/

  1. Sea Vegetables

You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to get on board with the rise in the exciting new use of unusual vegetables. Sea vegetables are gaining in popularity and offer great health benefits, such as seaweed which is perfect for snacking on and can be used as a healthy salt alternative. Look for Nori in your supermarket, used a lot in Japanese cooking. It can be used for making sushi but also for crushing and sprinkling on salads or rice bowls.

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  1. Portuguese

Portugal has become a major tourist destination recently and that is reflected in the rise in popularity of the country’s cuisine. The cuisine includes the delicious and iconic Portuguese custard tart which can rival the great British classic. Pastries of Portuguese origin are a big hit in London at the moment and expect to find other delicacies such as spicy sausage, rice pudding and salted cod becoming the hot choices of the year.

  1. Waste Reduction

Sustainability in all things has been on the rise as a method of living and this includes how we eat and what food we buy. We can all cut down on our personal food waste and learn methods to cook smarter with leftover ingredients. Buying produce that’s in season when there is an abundance of that particular fruit or vegetable is another great way of reducing waste and saving money. There are some really pioneering companies right now, including vodka made from net-caught fog moisture and jam made from rejected fruit.

  1. Bowl Eating

This has been a growing trend for some time now but is set to continue right through 2017 and after. Restaurants have been moving away from serving handheld food and serving items in bowls. A bowl is easier to assemble, less likely to slop over the plate and psychologically, encourages a greater mindfulness than eating from a carton or plate. Eating a bowl also helps you to savour the flavours more and makes you feel full quicker.

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  1. Breakfast

Gone are the days of soft scrambled eggs and porridge as the demand for new textures for breakfast is increasing. Current trends are for crunchier offerings including fried chicken and crispy chorizo. Many chains are offering spicy sandwiches as an alternative to the traditional breakfast and making such items available on an all-day basis.

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