Fast Food Given a Healthy Makeover at Food Anarchy

Paul Morgans has an impressive pedigree in the catering industry. When he turned 18 he started working in a pub, and while there he discovered his passion for cooking and hospitality. After visiting Europe and a number of other parts of the world, he decided to train as a a chef and worked in a range of establishments, from high-end dining to restaurants serving cuisines from different countries.

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From there he ran a gastropub, and the success of that venture led to running a string of pubs in South Wales. Working across Scotland, he finally he decided to put down roots in Dundee and opened Food Anarchy.

Quick and Fresh

Food Anarchy is a celebration of Morgans’ love of food and an attempt to show that casual dining and takeaways can consist of home-made meals made from fresh ingredients that taste great and are good for you. Part of the formula is a setting with a cheerful atmosphere and a product that delivers excellent value.

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Seasonal Menus

Dishes from continents including Europe, Africa and Asia are on the menu, along with many creations to suit those with allergies or intolerances. Vegetarians, vegans and those who must avoid gluten are well catered for.

Many of the ingredients are from local suppliers, including pork, chicken, seafood and beef. The menu changes frequently, adapting to what is available. Many chefs agree that seasonal cooking is the way to enjoy the best and freshest flavours in what you eat. This report from The Guardian is a handy guide to eating this way.

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Consumers today are more aware of the impact diet has on their health, and they want food that combines taste and nutrition. Being a chef can be an extremely rewarding way of not just satisfying hunger but introducing people to new experiences. Morgans is enjoying bringing his vision of delicious and healthy food to the people of Dundee.

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