Insomnia: 5 Plants That Help To Sleep

The minutes pass, the watch continues to run and the late sleep arrives. Insomnia is a very common disorder, which consists of the inability to fall asleep or frequent night time awakening that overcomes the natural rhythms of sleep.

Often you have the feeling that your brain does not want to rest and keep thinking about what happened during the day or countless other days.

Insomnia involves irritability, cognitive difficulties, falling memory, and inability to problem solving. It is certainly useful to change lifestyle and correct nutrition by avoiding some foods and preferring others.

Another solution could be to create a contact with nature in their own apartment, welcoming plants capable of purifying the air and calming and relaxing action.

Also the plants …

  • Reduce anxiety and stress;
  • Promote physical and psychological well-being;
  • Help the functioning of the respiratory tract;
  • Give relief to headaches.
5 Plants That Help To Sleep

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5 plants that help to sleep

Nature gives us 5 plants that help sleep by kicking off insomnia and can safely be placed in our bedroom …

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Aloe vera

It loves hot and dry climates, it has the shape of a cactus, and is as resistant as fat plants, in essence it is ideal to keep in the apartment as it does not need much attention.

It will only ask you for the presence of the sun, so the ideal would place it near a light source. It prefers temperatures ranging from 20° to 25°. The aloe plant emits oxygen during night time, favoring rest and improving sleep quality.


Exotic plant, whose white flower has an inebriating scent that is at the same time able to benefit.

It seems that the scent of jasmine helps to avoid the continuous revolutions in the bed by weakening insomnia and reducing the state of anxiety.

No more agitated dreams, therefore, for all those who will adopt a jasmine plant in their room.


Plant easy to cultivate that does not need sunlight. It loves shade and fresh places, grows luxuriant and does not need great care.

Some studies have shown that ivy has the power to combat mold in the air by reducing it to 94% in only 12 hours. It can benefit not only those who suffer from insomnia, but also suffer from asthma and have problems with the respiratory tract.

Viper’s Bowstring

Fat plant with flat and thin drums. The leaves are fleshy, and produce beautiful flowers, but very longevity, which lasts about one day.

It filters bad air toxins and purifies the environment by carbon dioxide by emitting oxygen overnight.


Simple to cultivate and treat will give you beautiful flowers from the inebriating scent. Reduces anxiety and stress, fights insomnia and lowers heart rate.

Much used is rich lavender essential oil including: antitumor, regulator of the nervous system, diuretic, healing, balsamic and soothing.

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