How to store a mattress properly

A good mattress, you know, is the fundamental starting point for a correct rest. It is therefore important to buy a high-quality model, suitable for our needs, choosing it among the different types on the market today. Ranging from latex mattress to pocket spring mattress to one made with memory foam materials.

Since the good condition of the mattress also affects our health (in terms of sleep quality, body posture, and air health). And that the purchase of a mattress is also an economic investment. It is good to follow some simple rules to keep it constantly clean and to make it last as long as possible (the average life of a well-preserved mattress varies between 8 and 10 years). Furthermore, if you have a mattress that you do not use on a daily basis, in addition to proper maintenance. It is also important to know how to store it correctly for the next use.

These 12 tips are simple precautions which, however, if not followed consistently. It can lead to the rapid deterioration of even the finest mattresses. So let’s see how to properly store your mattress.

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How to properly keep the mattress clean

In the case of the mattress you use daily, it is important to respect these rules to keep it in its optimal state:

  • Use the mattress cover: it is in fact essential to cover the mattress with a cotton mattress cover to protect it from the harmful and aggressive action of mites, dust, body humidity, and dirt. The mattress cover must be washed regularly, and during these moments it is advisable to air the mattress with the windows open to allow adequate air circulation and transpiration of the fabric. In the case of a children’s mattress. It is possible to choose a waterproof mattress cover, which has one side in cotton and one in oilcloth, to isolate the mattress from any nighttime pee.
  • Avoid lying on the mattress after a sports workout or after a particularly intense day without first taking a shower: sweat, in fact, can penetrate inside the mattress, damaging it.
  • Regularly clean the mattress with a damp cloth (use only water or at most neutral soap) and. In case of bad smells, sprinkle it with baking soda to eliminate the latter. After 24 hours, proceed with vacuuming the bicarbonate powder. In case of lack of this special product, talc, potato starch or salt can be used. All substances capable of eliminating the unsightly traces due to humidity.
  • Regularly vacuum the surface of the mattress with an anti-mite brush. It is important to perform this operation frequently. Despite the fact that the most modern mattresses are now made of anti-mite materials and fabrics.
  • Turn the mattress at each change of season: if the mattress is with springs or pocket springs. Then it has a winter and a summer side: in this case. It must be turned from top to bottom, to make the surface used homogeneous. If it also has a memory foam side, then the side of the head must also be reversed with that of the feet.
  • If the mattress is removable, wash the cover regularly following the instructions on the label to sanitize it. And to let the outer surface of the mattress take in air.

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How to store a mattressHow to store a mattress

In the case of a mattress that is used occasionally. For example in a holiday home or in a bed for guests. It is important to store it properly, following some steps:

  • Clean and sanitize the mattress as explained in the previous points
  • Pack the mattress in a sheet or in a plastic or cellophane bag. Sealing it well with adhesive tape or gummed paper. Taking care not to leave any part of the surface uncovered. So that it does not get dirty and does not pick up dust or humidity
  • It is even more effective to put the mattress under vacuum using a special bag, which completely isolates it from external agents
  • Alternatively, the mattress can be placed in a special rigid container or inside an insulating cover
  • If possible, during the period of non-use it is advisable to open the packaging of the mattress to let it air. Then being careful to reseal it carefully
  • It would be important not to place the mattress in a vertical position, let alone folded. To avoid deforming its internal structure: the best solution is, therefore, to position it horizontally. Also being careful not to place any object on top of it. Of course, this requires adequate space. So it is important to choose a suitable place for this purpose, be it a garage, an attic, or a cellar. However, the ideal would be to use an adequately air-conditioned room, which is not too humid. And it could be useful to insert mothballs with a protective function.

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