5 Things to Avoid Wearing to the Gym

Headed to the gym for your workout? Hope you’re wearing the right gear, otherwise, you could be asking for trouble. Whether it’s an outfit that’s going to leave you dripping in sweat or giving everyone around you a good long look at your private areas, there are just some things you want to leave out of your workout wardrobe. Here are five, in particular, you’ll want to avoid wearing next time you hit up your local Crunch or 24 Hour Fitness.

  1. Cotton T-shirts

    Cotton may feel soft and comfortable but it will also soak up your sweat like a sponge and hold onto it. Then instead of a soft and comfortable T-shirt, you’ll be clad in a wet and clammy tarp that’s dripping and smelly while you still have another half hour left in your routine. Go for fabrics and material that absorb and wick moisture and are lightweight to boot, so your skin can breathe underneath…and by all means, avoid showing up in that tattered and loose I love Jesus but I cuss a little shirt.

  2. Baggy Sweatpants

    If your pants are too baggy you’re going to snag them on the equipment and that can be more than just embarrassing if they get pulled down, you could risk injury by yanking against a piece of equipment that can topple over or get caught in a bike as your pedaling. Not good!

  3. Untested Clothing

    Workout clothing is designed to look and feel a certain way. Before you wear it out, test it at home, so nothing tears or rips and you ladies aren’t flashing everyone in the gym when you’re bending over in yoga class in that short tank top. Always check out how you look first, especially in new clothes that you’ve just purchased.

  4. Excess Clothing

    Tying a long-sleeve shirt around your waist is a great way to carry that extra garment you want for later on and some men and women may like the way it hides certain areas at the waist and hips. But in reality, not only is everyone looking right at those areas on your body, but you’re weighing yourself down with that extra layer of material. This can hinder the freedom of your workout.

  5. The Wrong Shoes

    Trainers and sneakers are the best choices for the gym. But some of you like to wear those little shoes with the toes because they can help relieve foot, back, and knee discomfort. Unfortunately, those shoes don’t provide much protection for your feet in the same way that traditional sneakers do, so if you drop one of your dumbbells to the floor and it hits your foot you could be in for some serious injury. It’ll hurt like heck in a regular fitness sneaker but in those digit shoes, you could break a toe or instep.

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