What are the best creams to remove scars?

It is not uncommon to think that scars remain on the skin forever. In fact, this belief is not entirely true, indeed there are methods, products and treatments that can reduce them, or even better hide them completely.

Let’s see what are the effective methods to remove scars and especially recommend you such creams scars are more suitable and effective.

The creams for scars

The skin blemishes are very often cured through patches suitable, you can easily find on the market and in online pharmacies. There are in fact patches of silicone, indicated for obvious scars, also called keloids, or for scars hypertrophic, a type of particularly large scar. These patches provide optimum results, but necessitated prolonged application: at least 10 hours per day for a period of about 2 months.


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If the patches are not for you, there are also on the market of creams that help to considerably reduce scarring. Even in this case, the creams for scars to be used for extended periods to ensure that the scar is reduced. Consistency in the use of these creams is essential, so our advice is to apply them to coincide with moments of everyday life, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to creams scars, always remember to use of sunscreen to protect the scar, especially in summer, because the sun is extremely destructive to the skin darkens and the scars, making them significantly more noticeable. Clinicians at the www.zapplaserstudio.co.uk offer a great range of treatments to fight the signs of aging, as an alternative to creams and holistic remedies.

You can buy a dermatologically tested and shown to be effective for the treatment and reduction of scars, both for skin problems such as stretch marks: Bio Oil has a completely natural composition based on vitamin E, Pur Cellin and vegetable oils, and also recommended for the most sensitive skin and also suitable for pregnant women.

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Creams scars DIY

To eliminate scars, you can use not only to creams and patches can be purchased in pharmacies, but you can take action on the scars with specific creams homemade. First, it is important to know how to heal a wound quickly: in fact a more rapid healing in principle can reduce the visibility of the scar. Our study on how the products for the healing you will definitely be useful in this case.

Here are the creams DIY to treat scars:

  • Cream onion: onion has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the formation of collagen in excess to the extent that there is a scar. Simply chop the onion and press it to release the juice: apply it twice a day and you will see the results soon.
  • Cocoa butter: with its moisturizing properties stimulates collagen production to make the scar less visible. You just massage the scar with cocoa butter until completely absorbed and 2-3 times a day, at least.
  • Aloe vera: the properties of aloe vera are endless, so it is also useful to remove scars. You can directly buy the aloe vera cream in a pharmacy or produce it in person and in this case the application must be fairy for 2-3 times a day.

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