Activated carbon and its benefits on the skin

The activated charcoal, until recently, was associated only those useful products for those suffering from digestive problems. In recent years, however, has assumed a prominent role in the field of beauty. In fact there are many benefits on the skin, find out here what they are.

Activated carbon is also known as activated charcoal or activated carbon.  It is a natural substance in the form of very porous black powder, odorless and tasteless. It is obtained from the processing of various types of wood (willow, poplar and birch), or from its processing waste.

Its production process consists first of  combustion in an oxygen-free environment and at very high temperatures, then in the presence of water vapor, air or gas to increase its absorption power. Its properties as a natural antibacterial and antifungal have been known since ancient times.

Its porosity is able to “attract” to the surface any kind of impurity. It is possible to find charcoal, for example, as a component of masks, scrubs. Absorbs substances at the base of imperfections (sebum, make-up remains, pollution, etc.). The purifying properties of charcoal face wash make it perfect for combination or oily skin, but also for those with dry and sensitive skin, and for those who live in polluted environments.

In the world of make-up it is widely used in organic cosmetics. Thanks to its black color it is used to dye eye shadows, pencils and eyeliner in a natural way. It is also particularly indicated for those suffering from artificial and mineral pigments.

The charcoal, which can be found in pharmacies and herbal medicine both in the form of powder and tablets, is a product that has absorbing properties: it is precisely for this reason that it is able to absorb the gas, but also all the bacteria that accumulate in the intestine and in the stomach, including the toxic substances that we often unwittingly eat with food. For this reason, activated carbon is also used in case of drug poisoning, but in general in all those cases where it is necessary to detoxify the body.

In the non-food industry, activated carbon is used to purify water and to treat air in the event of pollution. In all cases, before starting use always contact your doctor, because the product may have contraindications (constipation and influence on the absorption of nutrients and drugs). It is not indicated for those suffering from constipation.

In case of taking drugs, the coal should be kept at least 3 or 4 hours apart so as not to reduce its effectiveness; to avoid use even in cases of appendicitis or other intestinal obstructions.

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