How to use Argan oil

You have surely heard of Argan oil, a widely used natural product and of which you can find many products on the market. Argan oil originates from a particular fruit of a tree called Argan, from whose berries oil is extracted from the many beneficial properties. Today we illustrate its properties and how you can use Argan oil on your body and on your hair.

Argan oil properties

A compulsory clarification regards the existence of two Argan oils: one is used in cooking and is characterized by a very dark color, because the extraction takes place after roasting the berries; the other is used in cosmetics, with a light color, because it is extracted without the berries are toasted.

Argan oil

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What are the properties of Argan oil in cosmetics? The composition is crucial to understand how the oil is commonly defined as an elixir of youth: it is very rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, Omega 3 and essential fatty, shown to effectively fight free radicals.

Free radicals are the main cause of skin aging, and the Argan oil helps and promotes the production of collagen, moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

Here are the main beneficial properties …

  • Nourished and hydrated
  • Anti age effect
  • Action of elastin and collagen which promotes the elasticity and tonicity of the skin
  • Natural protection against UV rays
  • Strengthens dry hair and fights adequately dandruff
  • Useful to nourish the nails
  • During pregnancy it can be used to prevent stretch marks

The Argan oil for the body is a blessing, especially if applied on dry and sensitive skin, which need more nutrition because they are easy to dehydration.

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How do I use Argan oil?

If you use the Argan oil well on the skin of the body, and especially on your face, the neck and decolletage, our advice is to apply it twice a day, morning and evening. They will only take 2-3 drops of oil of Arcan and a massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed the substance.

Remember that when you use the oil on your face, you have to moisten the skin slightly, because the water and oil mixture much more moisturizes the skin getting much better results.

Now it is the turn of the hair. As anticipated the beneficial properties of this oil also affect your hair: they are very brittle, especially dry and dull, a few drops of argan oil will give new life to your hair. You can apply the oil either with damp hair, both after drying.

To fight dandruff, we recommend you to grease your hands with oil and gently massage your scalp. If you use this method in the times of year when the hair is subject to the fall, I favor the regrowth.

The pure Argan oil is also used in massage centers, because of its beneficial properties are also recognized for relieving muscle pain, relax the body and relax the muscles. If then everything is done with a massage, the result is guaranteed!

Now we conclude our article by explaining how to use the oil for nail care : if you apply the oil on a frequent basis, your nails will benefit its benefits, strengthening and preventing stratification caused the brittle nails. You can use a cotton swab the oil anointing oil and then in the nails, as if I put a glaze. Alternatively, you can fill a basin of warm water and drops of oil of Argan, and then cool off your hands for a few minutes.

Now that you know the many properties of Argan oil, you have to do is buy it and use it by following our advice: the results are a guarantee.

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