5 Physical symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety … That constant alertness causing unpleasant physical symptoms …

 Although really the main thing is to know each anxiety symptoms that occur in every crisis, there is also another factor that affects directly and makes this state of anxiety constantly appear as a symptom and only forward when we truly feel safe.

Then you will be able to know the 5 most common physical symptoms of anxiety. Whether temporary or if you are suffering from a disorder. Remember that you can learn how to cure anxiety with my advice, but you must do your part if you want it to be 100% again.

Symptoms of anxiety

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Work, perseverance and balance are the foundation to begin to end anxiety completely…

Physical symptoms of generalized anxiety:

1- Tachycardia or palpitations: Very common if you have come this, far I am sure you have ever suffered from heart palpitations and anxiety you’ve scared a lot. You felt your heart pumping quickly and that has caused even more panic you. I know, I understand.

When I suffered anxiety, heart palpitations scared me a lot. Arriving even obsesses death and heart attacks. Today I am completely cured and I know you will be too soon.

2- Dizziness or faintness: Truly one of the physical symptoms of anxiety that is more annoying. Feel like your head is spinning and you feel you’re going to pass out or even losing control is really horrible. This symptom is usually accompanied by sweating and rapid heartbeat.

I suffered dizziness continuously, every hour. It was a very strange feeling and did not know what was happening. Dizziness and the feeling that came to make me believe he was suffering from a problem in my brain. I did all kinds of tests and everything was right: but my dizziness kept appearing! Do not worry, once you start to eliminate anxiety, this symptom will disappear so annoying to the point that it no longer suffer.

3- Shortness of breath or choking sensation: A symptom of anxiety that paralyzes you. Feel like the air does not get into your lungs and it seems that you will die instantly is something that only people with anxiety can understand. This symptom can be controlled by mental and breathing exercises. For this, you must learn the most effective techniques available today.

I remember when I was suffering from anxiety often he had to visit the emergency room because a lump in my throat choking me. There I did consume 2 tablets under the tongue and in less than an hour was back at home. Do not go through that bad time again. Put a remedy as soon as possible and make your anxiety go away.

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4- Tightness in the chest or arm pain: A feeling and a horrible chest pain is another symptom of anxiety that most often suffers. This pain in the arm and chest tightness can make you believe you are before a heart attack. I know very well this symptom and the pain can make you believe things that really are not. In many cases heart palpitations, dizziness and shortness of breath accompany this symptom. You do not worry. If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and you have made the relevant evidence, do not let your mind play tricks on you. Anxiety is the only culprit to make you believe that something bad will happen.

This is one of the symptoms that I suffered perhaps less often. Yet I know that feeling notice the sleeping arm (tingling) and chest pain. I also did several tests and electrocardiograms to see if my heart was healthy. Anxiety is cured, and once you start to eliminate the causes, you’ll see how each and every one of the symptoms will gradually lose intensity; until it disappears completely. I recommend the same method I used. I helped cure anxiety and has to find the causes.

5- The number 5 which I had to think long and hard before writing. Because as you well know there are many more symptoms that are caused by anxiety. After a turning my head while, I opted for the following: muscle tension or stiffness. Why? Simply because anxiety is an emotional state that is causing the stress is accumulated in our mind and in our body. This will eventually cause a muscle tension or stiffness in any part of the body: neck, back, neck, etc.

To do this, I attended meditation classes (not yoga). In meditation classes, I learned a lot about breathing and as a result I could get to remove the accumulated tension that appeared during the day. I could start to sleep better and lead a life a little more normal (I recommend)

We have reached the end of this short article. Is that if you’ve got here is because your situation is really complicated and that your anxiety increases every day. You may also here because you want to end once and for all with the happy anxiety. I have no magic formula but if I have something, I can recommend since I used it myself and helped me a lot.

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