Panic attacks, how to find calm with natural remedies

Panic attacks can be scary, especially for those who do not know exactly what it is. So here are some useful tips to regain my composure.

Panic Attacks – Being in front of a person having a panic attack can be very frightening, and the same goes for those who have a panic attack and not know yet what it is exactly. The symptoms of panic attacks are varied, and often the person who has this type of problem does not seem able to find peace in any way. How do then to deal with the disorder? How do you regain control? And how do you avoid having panic attacks again?

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The answer to the third question is very simple: to prevent the problem can recur, it is important to know what are the causes, analyze them and try to understand how we can take action to change a situation that obviously causes us of upsets. If the problem of panic attacks is to us very often, psychotherapy can certainly represent a very effective way to be able to face it and solve it.

But having said that, how to deal with a panic attack, the exact moment when symptoms occur? First of all – it seems strange to say but this is an important tip – try not to take it from further panic.

Do not be scared by the sensations you are feeling. They are not risking their lives and nothing is happening terrifying. It is a problem completely solved, then, as we said … do not worry! Focus on your breathing … try to regularize (maybe try to put into practice some useful breathing technique), but do not scare you if you are unable to do so immediately. Gradually, the crisis will decrease spontaneously, and it will happen in about 30 minutes.

During this time, try to divert attention from the thoughts that have triggered the attack (if you have managed to identify them). Talk to a friend, with your partner, try to list the numbers ranging from 100 to 0 skipping three at a time, try to think of something that gives you a feeling of serenity. In short, try to divert your attention from the moment you are living.

This can help you on the spot, but – as we said – to be able to really solve the problem, it is important to analyze oneself inside, get to know and understand what really makes you feel good and what – instead – you do not want to be part of your life because results in you feelings like anxiety, fear and anxiety.

There are also many natural remedies that can help us during these special moments. Among these signals such as passionflower, lime, valerian, hawthorn, chamomile, lemon balm and many more. To know what is the most appropriate remedy to you, you’ll just have to try them, and determine which remedy gives you more calm and serenity.

Even the pharmacological remedies can reduce the symptoms of the disorder at the time of the panic attack, but do not solve the underlying problem absolutely. To act in an effective manner, it is essential that the subject learn to listen, to understand what are your real needs, and what are the factors that led him to accumulate the anxiety and fear, then that will result in the attack of panic.

Finally, to be able to handle anxiety and stress that inevitably accumulate because of the problems of everyday life, it is useful to perform physical activities, from yoga that can go up to the race, up from Pilates to Kickboxing and so on. The choice of the most suitable will be done in my opinion based on your character and your predispositions. Personally I prefer such dynamic activities, but I can assure you that yoga and Pilates certainly help to find the calm and the serenity needed to cope with everyday life.

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