Three Rules for Weight Loss Success

Now we know what we need to eat to lose weight: fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and so on. But researchers are finding that how we eat can have a big impact on our waistlines.

You stand at the kitchen counter? Let groped by snacking in front of the TV? You convince yourself that you are hungry when you smell something good? Recent studies suggest three valuable rules to be much more responsive and ready for a successful weight loss

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Sit and Eat

A group of Canadian psychologists conducted a study, giving the same amount of food to two groups of people. The first group consumed lunch comfortably seated at the table, while the second group was standing at the kitchen counter to eat on plastic containers.

When the researchers monitored both subjects, they found that those who ate at the counter about 30% more than those who were sitting at the table.

One reason could be the fact that, while standing, you tend to eat more because subconsciously, and being uncomfortable in a hurry, as if any one dares to eat, was perceived by our brain just like a simple snack and there is It realizes being a real meal.

The secret is therefore … not eating on the run! Otherwise you will tend not to warn him as a real meal, and subconsciously you feel entitled to eat the other and end up overdoing it.

Do not Always Want to Give

Scientists at the University of Medicine Yale recently found that the smell of food, turn on lights and many regions of the brain, compared with reactions that are caused by the flavor of the same food.

This means trouble for women who want to lose a few pounds! Circuits in our brains are sensitive to fragrances, are designed on purpose to make us look for food, they can push us psychologically to it, including through the use of the cravings, but they can lead to dangerous uncontrolled binging.

The effect that the smell of food has on the human brain, can be compared to the effect of the same drug as the smell puts people in a state of agitation, causing symptoms of extreme alteration and mania especially if you are dieting and it is trying to fend off the instinct to eat.

Be aware of the power that the nose has on our brain can be helpful to be able to resist temptation through awareness of how our minds work.

Be Aware

It’s not news that occasionally gives himself a nice stack of chips in front of the TV and that suddenly looking down, inexplicably we are faced with a bag of crisps empty without even knowing it … will happen at all!

One study found that their caloric intake of people may increase by up to 71% when you eat in front of the TV.

Munch on while watching TV or even while reading can be a bad idea for two reasons:

  • First, because they do not pay enough attention to what you eat
  • Secondly, often we continue to eat up to the end of the film, regardless of whether it is already full

If during your movies do you get an attack of hunger and you realize you can not help but eat something, looking for something low calorie like high-fiber foods, rather than foods high in calories and fat like ice cream or potato chips. And never bring the whole package on the couch with you: just take a handful or fill a small bowl.

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