Psychological stress and vitamin complex

Some symptoms we associate with stress can make us fall into the temptation of taking vitamins: do we need?

Who has not ever heard the advice “take vitamin supplements in times of more stress”? It is one of the signs we see in advertising vitamin complexes, as if that were reduced or eliminated the associated symptoms. Is that so? Do we really need these vitamin pills for the day?

The wise advice of our grandmothers “eats everything” is basic to “survive” in the day, at any time of year. Who does not devote time to adequate food; it lacks basic to develop your life with optimism and energy vitamins.

Vitamins are chemicals that are found in small amounts in foods and are necessary for life, health, physical activity and our daily lives.

There are vitamins linked to fatty food components and other related to liquids. Among the former are the vitamins A, D, E and K. In the second group are the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C.

Psychological stress

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What is the role of vitamins?

Convert food into energy, maintain in good condition the nervous system, keep the immune system in perfect condition, help smooth functioning of our neurotransmitters and all its components are antioxidants, improve vision, are anti-bacterial, protect against cardiovascular disease … we could go a few paragraphs, listing their properties and benefits for the system and all for one purpose: all our physical and mental performance depends on them and, of course, good food.

The pace of life, stress and other external factors such as snuff, coffee, tea, alcohol and a certain way of cooking food in excess, causes vitamins do not do their job and think, to their lack, that vitamin complex they can help us. But is it really so?

Excess vitamins

A person wearing a normal diet or never presents complete lack or excess of vitamins. Our pace of life and have neglected a bit the well-known as ‘Mediterranean diet’ makes this does not always happen, and create the need to supplement our diet with vitamin supplements that are scientifically proven, do not protect us from cardiovascular disease or tumor.

The daily dose of vitamins that our body needs is just one milligram. And as it is intelligent, all that extra dose that does not need, the excreta. For example, vitamin A is good for eyesight or for growth. It taken in excess becomes harmful, causing nausea and headache. The same is true with vitamin D, good for calcium absorption and bone formation, which in excess can cause cramps.

The additional contributions should only be prescribed by a doctor and in some cases are required. For example, B9 and folic acid supplementation for pregnant women, as it helps the formation of the fetal nervous system.

Want to improve your general?

The psychological stress is a consequence of a rhythm of life that we are not able to support and solution is not to take vitamins, but by trying to shed weight, reducing the experiences or factors that cause us anxiety. We must also take care of the rest, trying to get into bed with the least possible concerns and time left to sleep the hours that our body needs to recover energy.

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Furthermore, it is vital to improve our diet by consuming foods from all groups in the recommended ratio (with special emphasis on vegetables, fruits and legumes). In fact, if we think we would go well some vitamins more we can get them from the foods that contain them. Here we give a number of beneficial nutrients for the body and consistent with the hottest time in which we find:

  • Avocado: Rich in vitamin E, take care of your skin (more exposed to sunlight) and an excellent companion for chilly salads.
  • Sardines: Who does not enjoy in summer with pesto is not in or on the beach? Rich in omega 3 are heart – healthy.
  • Nuts: As walnuts and hazelnuts, the first also rich in omega 3 and the second in Vitamin E.
  • Watermelons and melons: Rich in vitamins C and A.
  • Tomatoes: Rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K. One of the best foods for summer, also it contains antioxidants and carotids, cell protective wear and heart.
  • Carrots with antioxidants and vitamin A, E and K, with abundant beta-carotene that protects your skin and helps you have a nice shade in summer.

You know, improve your diet and improve your health.

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