3 ways to remove calluses from the feet and hands

Yes, tripe… those small calluses that appear on the sides of the feet when we occupy a shoe too tight or in our hands when we do a job that involves rubbing with some texture. They are very painful and uncomfortable, and often do not allow you to even walk, much less do your work quietly. If you are the women in tacos, safety shoes or very tight gloves three home safe ways to eliminate them will help you. So take note and learn to prepare.

Remove calluses

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Aspirin mixture and lemon

It is a rather strange choice, but very effective. You must pulverize six aspirins and then add juice of lemon freshly squeezed. Stir until a paste and then apply it on the callus. Take a band – aid patch and put it on the corn and let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes. Then wash the calluses with warm water and pumice is out. Lemon and aspirin act on collagen accumulation that exists in the callus, generating wetting thereof and subsequent fall. It is vital to note that this maybe will not work at first, so you can repeat the procedure for a few days, until the callus off. It is also important the help of a pumice and enough patience, because it really works. It serves both for corns of feet like hands.

Chamomile tea: Soak hands and feet

This technique is very effective and easy to perform. In about two liters of hot water poured six tablespoons of chamomile. Let stand infusion and stir from time to time. When and notes found in a lukewarm temperature, put your hands or feet and leave them there for about 10 minutes. Remember that calluses are caused by friction and also by the lack of moisture of your skin, so that chamomile will return you need and help you out the callus so much easier. Again, you must have your friend pumice next; because it will help the callus disappears. Now, this procedure not only can do it as a remedy for corns, but is also an excellent way to keep your skin clean and moisturized constantly.

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Garlic juice or garlic paste with olive oil

Another oddity to heal the painful corns, Garlic juice also helps correct skin cleansing since the callus off by itself. The procedure you should do is to crush several garlic and then throw them in a pint of warm water. Let stand and then wash the callus with this simple infusion. Another secret is to make a paste with crushed garlic and olive oil. Place this mixture in hardness, repeating the process for several days. You see the oil and garlic is going to deliver the necessary moisture to your skin and so the corn can go so much easier.

Now you know. There are many homemade ways to eliminate the painful and annoying calluses. You just have to take your time and patience to do so. Now, also you can avoid taking special shoes or inserts. It all depends on what you suit you.

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