Attracting Folliculaphiliacs (Women Who Are Only Attracted to Men with Moustaches)

Moustaches have been revived as a fashion statement in recent years, so sporting one in public is no longer limited only to charity fund-raising attempts. In fact, the year-round moustache is more common today than it has been for decades.

Attracting Folliculaphiliacs

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Aside from standing out from the crowd, a moustache is also a great accessory for any man who wants to attract the attention of a folliculaphiliac. This is the technical term for a woman who is only interested in looking for partners with hair on their upper lip.

But how can you go about courting someone who you suspect is a folliculaphiliac? Here are the top tips to becoming a moustachioed super-stud.

Grow a Moustache

Step one sounds obvious, but it is still something that you might be cautious about attempting, especially if you are not certain how good you will look during the process of growing a ‘tache of your own.

To counteract any concerns you might have, a good tip is to grow out a full beard and then shave back to a moustache once it has reached the desired length. This way you can avoid that awkward middle period and get right to the good bit.

Style Your Moustache

Having a moustache alone is not enough to get the attention of a true folliculaphiliac: you will also need to make sure that you take time to style it – just as you would your hair.

Using a moustache wax such as those offered by Henry Tibbs and other outlets will really allow your facial hair to look its best. Whether you simply use the wax to make it look neat or go for some outlandish and alluring twists and twirls as it grows, adding product to it will let the ladies know that you care about your looks.

Maintain Your Moustache

A moustache is for life, not just for Movember, so make sure that you are taking time to maintain it on a fairly regular basis.

Trimming errant hairs so that it does not look bedraggled is a good idea, as is buying some beard oil to allow the moustache to remain healthy and shiny. It may add a couple of minutes to your morning routine, but the cumulative impact on your dating life will be worthwhile.

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