Chemical Face Peels: Scary Name, Good Results

The phrase “chemical skin peel” may conjure up visions of the skin being melted away from your face, leaving it raw, sore and disfigured but in fact chemical peels are a lot less scary then they sound and the results can be amazing.

Chemical Face Peels

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Who Can Benefit from a Chemical Peel?

Almost anyone can have smoother and healthier skin after a chemical skin peel because the pores can become clogged with dead skin cells, making the skin appear dull and heavy, even in healthy people. However, the most benefit may be seen by people with ageing skin, wrinkles and facial lines, skin damaged by excessive exposure to the sun or those with hyperpigmentation. Chemical facial peels can reverse some of this damage, leaving the skin looking more healthy, tighter and smoother. People with acne also find that skin peels can improve the appearance of their skin dramatically.

How Do Chemical Skin Peels Work?

Skin peels work by carefully removing the outer layers of the skin. This is carried out by applying a chemical solution to the face and leaving it in contact with the skin for a specific length of time. The depth of skin removed depends on the kind of chemical solution used and the length of time it stays in contact with the skin.

Skin peels can be superficial, superficial to medium depth or medium depth. Superficial peels remove just the outer layer (epidermal layers) of the skin, whilst a superficial to medium peel removes skin a little deeper. With a medium depth peel the epidermal and upper dermal skin layers are removed.

It is important that a specialist dermatologist examines you prior to your skin peel, so that you can be advised about the appropriate treatment for you. Free consultations are available at some reputable clinics such as and others.

What Happens after a Skin Peel?

Following the procedure there will be some superficial reddening (erythema) of your face. After two or three days the skin begins to peel and this continues for a few more days. Any improvements are noticeable immediately after your skin has finished peeling, and these improvements continue for four to six weeks.

Not only are facial peels perfectly safe when carried out at a reputable clinic, they are a quick way to enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.

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