Becoming a Healthcare Assistant

In order for a hospital ward to run efficiently, health care assistants are needed. A health care assistant provides support to both the patients and also the doctors and nurses who are working with the patients.

Health care assistants will work with nurses on wards and do a lot of supporting roles such as providing food and drink to patients and helping them to eat if required, helping them to get washed and dressed, keeping the patients comfortable and monitoring patients so that their condition can be assessed by doctors.

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In order to do this job, the most important thing that you need is the right personality. Working in this type of role can be emotionally and physically challenging from time to time, so you need to have a love of the job and a passion for caring for others.

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As well as this, many people who go to hospital can be upset, fearful and in need of care and support. Comforting patients who are feeling distressed is another important role of a healthcare assistant so good communication skills are also essential.

Skills and qualifications are also required for this type of job, as you will often be required to be involved in clinical procedures where accuracy and attention to detail are required in order to do the job properly. Clinical training courses like this can help you to gain the skills and experience required to fulfil this part of the job.

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