How to keep healthy – How to protect yourself from sun damage

How to keep healthy – How to protect the sun from the sun. Clear summer not only makes us happy with our own warmth, it’s a chance to have a rest and sunbathe on the beach, and even disappoint with the probability of a stroke and burns. To avoid these problems, you need to follow certain precautions. The basic rule was not to abuse the summer sun. On the beach, it is not necessary to spend every day in the morning until evening. Read more: 7 of the simplest exercises that can transform your body

keep healthy

At lunchtime, it’s more classy to retire indoors, take a break. Being on the star, you need to continuously use sunscreen. Prolonged exposure to hot weather in the weather can cause an increase in body temperature, migraine. In this case, you need to use anesthetianti pyretic drugs. With a clear impact, there is a lasting pain in the head, the temperature rises and the heart rate increases, nausea, helplessness, the body is covered later with cool, are allowed from the nose of bleeding, fainting, and vomiting.

keep healthy

How to keep healthy – if you track these signs, it means that you did not save your health and got a clear blow. In this case, it is necessary as quickly as possible to call an ambulance, and before its arrival to take some measures. For the beginning, it is necessary for the victim to lay in a cold space, to get rid of clothes of the top. Fresh air is also necessary for a clear impact, like a cold drink.

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