How to the treatment of fears during pregnancy

Every time I’m asked a question – how to the treatment of fears panic attack, I start talking about how to reduce the amount of adrenaline in the body. Because a panic attack is an adrenaline crisis.

Look again at the movie “Adrenaline” with Jason Aesthete in the title role (picture to article) and well remember this simple truth – if you have a panic attack, then there is a lot of adrenaline in your blood.

treatment of fears during pregnancy

It is the suddenness of a state of fear or physiological discomfort that is the most accurate symptom of a panic attack. The presence of a specific cause, which can be caused by such an episode is not necessary. However, it is peculiar for a person to seek an excuse for an incomprehensible phenomenon in surrounding events or in himself. Read more: What are the consequences of panic attacks?

The only reason for a panic attack is the release of a huge amount of adrenaline into the blood, in which an overdose state occurs with this biologically active substance. The treatment of fears at the initial stage is aimed precisely at regulating precisely the amount of adrenaline in the blood, and then on the symptoms themselves and the fear of their recurrence.

best treatment of fears

Adrenaline is a biochemical catalyst for the stress state and is secreted by the adrenal glands. In the body adrenaline breaks down quite quickly, entering into biochemical reactions, the adrenal glands stop producing adrenaline and the “attack on a person” ceases. Treatment of fears, fortunately, is quite effective even in those cases when, under the influence of the experienced shock from unpleasant symptoms, a person himself causes relapses of this condition. Read more: 15 facts about keratin straightening of hair that you did not know

Symptoms of panic attacks are relevant only to the person and his well-being because they are the result of the body’s struggle with unexpected chemical processes. Heart palpitations may increase, it becomes difficult to breathe, as if suddenly “swells” the throat, throws it in the heat, then in the cold. Also, a person can “muddle”, a pulsation of blood begins in the head or an uncontrolled tremor appears. But the most unpleasant sensation is a sudden fear or panic when a sense of security and confidence in the world around you disappears.

the treatment of fears

Quite often, treatment of phobias or progressive treatment of fears is a continuation of therapy aimed at the root cause of the panic state – an excess of adrenaline. However, repeated panic crises should consult a specialist – treatment for fears today is quite successful and effective. There are similar in their symptoms of the disease called the sympathetically crisis.

In the first case, the crisis occurs against adrenal nomad – a benign tumor, which throws into the blood “extra” adrenaline. A modern psychiatry clinic has a sufficient set of diagnostic equipment and highly qualified specialists to exclude or confirm this diagnosis.

Sympathetically crisis against a background of neurosis with violation of the function of the autonomic nervous system is activated by an erroneous brain cell to the adrenal glands, which in excess begin to emit adrenaline. In the treatment of fears, a crucial role is played by psychotherapy, since the necessary medication will not eliminate the underlying cause that causes such a condition, but only soften or temporarily eliminate obvious symptoms.

a treatment of fears

Symptomatic treatment of fears is carried out by any psychotherapeutic clinic, and doctors will find and exclude the true causes of panic conditions with the help of intensive psychotherapy. There are common strokes in identifying the psychological causes of the occurrence of a panic attack episode – the treatment of neuroses also involves the search for an internal cause or underlying causes of seizures. As a rule, these are psychological traumas and severe stresses that were suppressed by a person with high willpower, experiences and the strongest fear that were pushed into the subconscious area.

Such states are subject to people who have the extraordinary strength of will, who did not allow themselves to endure extreme grief or joy, excitement, and deep feelings. Deeply hidden emotions suddenly emerge from the depths of the subconscious, and the nervous excitation of the “deferred” experiences breaks out like a panic or a crisis. Treatment of fears with the goal of eliminating the true cause is always successful – the strength of the will of the person enables the doctor-therapist to help and destroy the source of the disease.

The treatment of fears with medications in a modern psychotherapeuticpsycho therapeutic clinic is successfully combined with the professionalism of the attending physician who will select an antidepressant for the removal of acute symptoms of the disease, offer a treatment plan for the prevention or relief of repeated manifestations of the disease, and select an adequate and well tolerated drug for regular admission.

But the most important psychiatric help that is needed in panic attacks is an active psychotherapeutic work with a person in order to find the true cause of the disease and destroy its global cause.

It is also very good to drink herbs – Valerian and/or motherwort. I can also recommend sage and St. John’s worth. Do not be wiser, just brew with tea and drink. You can get used to the smell. Moreover, soon even the smell of these herbs will calm you down, as soon as the first signs of the attack appear. And soon there will be no signs, if you take your panic, as it should!

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