Popular beauty tips – All about clean hair

Popular beauty tips – All about pure hair. Agree, for her entire life the young lady is rushing to hear, read, write a large number of beauty tips. The good-natured part of the acquired knowledge in the given area is occupied by extraordinary advice on caring for the hair. While you’re thinking over what kind of mask to pick up for your hair type, what kind of a grandmother’s recipe for a luxurious hairdo to vitamin and strengthen, scientists, are engaged in the search for such understandable prophetic as an elementary washing of the head.

Popular beauty tips

Apart from the hair care products used, their characteristics and numbers, the procedure of the washing head itself are not very similar to the usual method: wet – soap – wash off. In general, the results, the research center received by one, the one that conducted half a year of experience with the participation of half a thousand volunteers, was allowed to withdraw the shape of golden hair clean. Read more: How to keep healthy – How to protect yourself from sun damage

It turns out that wetting, soaping and flushing correctly is an interesting ceremony, but, rather, allowing the least difficult deviation of the difficult combination. And for any length of hair, scientists have tried to bring out their golden formula knowledge. Folk beauty tips – and so, if you do not indifferent to the future of your hair, you need to use the latest scientific discoveries.

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It turns out, the main thing – for washing using only running water, the temperature should be at least 37C. Hair lathering, keep in mind, if you are the owner of a prestigious short haircut, use shampoo no more than 5 ml. If your hair length is medium, you can fork up 8 ml, and with a long spit you can not skimp completely – 10 ml lei all. Read more: Facial Masks From Pharmaceutical Means

Should be soaping last more than half a minute, including as many rubbing movements of massage. People’s beauty tips – when rinsing, too, do not forget to fix the time. Which should last, about seconds 25, and do this procedure twice, to ensure the purity of your hair from the tips to the roots.

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Strictly use the conditioner, it is also an inseparable part of the “magic formula”. Again, evaluate the length of your hair and only later take the appropriate number of ml. The conditioner should be applied with a comb with rare teeth, later it was left on the hair for 5 minutes. Do not rub the head conditioner into the skin. Rinse it with running water at a temperature of 37 ° C for no more than a minute.

 beauty tips - All about clean hair

People’s beauty councils – to dry their charming curls or a mischievous haircut with a towel should be, but do not ruffle or squeeze them, and neatly removing excess moisture by patting. Later this should give the hair dry naturally.

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