Quail eggs: the benefits and properties of it

They are very small, spotted and contain a lot of compressed properties inside that small shell of only 20 grams. Let’s find out all the benefits of quail eggs together.


When we talk about eggs , we immediately think of chicken ones. They are the ones we are most used to, whose characteristics we know and which we are also (perhaps) learning to understand the best types to buy. But chicken eggs aren’t the only eggs with which you can make an omelette or a quick and gastronomically interesting dish. In fact, on the market there are eggs of many other birds, such as ostrich, turkey and quail . The latter are very particular, especially for their size. The quail eggs , in fact, are really small, about a quarter of those of hen, and are characterized by a gray shell dotted with dark dots, almost spotted. These products, which at first glance seem almost like small stones, weigh about 20g with the shell , yet despite the extremely small size they bring with them various benefits , all extremely condensed. Let’s see which ones together

Properties and benefits of quail eggs

Quail eggs are mainly characterized by the presence of vitamins , minerals and proteins , but they contain many other properties, almost unthinkable for such a small product. All the properties that we will now list, in fact, are enclosed and compressed inside a yolk as large as a pachino tomato, and consequently they bring with them greater benefits than those of hen.

  1. Compared to normal eggs, quail eggs contain about 60% more cholesterol , especially the good one. However, it is advisable to pay attention to your cholesterol levels before preparing an omelette by abounding indiscriminately because you are deluded by the small size.
  2. They are particularly suitable for those suffering from anemia thanks to the high iron content , and therefore favor the production of hemoglobin allowing better oxygenation of muscle tissues.
  3. It contain phosphorus , which helps bone tissue and the nervous system, and zinc, which has antioxidant properties.
  4. They contain a percentage of potassium , which promotes circulation and the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  5. The unsaturated fatty acids are broken down in order to benefit the metabolic system as a whole.
  6. They contain omega 3 , which have several benefits on cell membranes
  7. They are also good for anyone who is vegetarian and does not eat meat, thanks to the important content of water-soluble B vitamins .
  8. Other vitamins found in quail eggs are vitamin A , which helps the eyesight and cell structure, and vitamin D , which supplies energy to the body, promotes metabolism and strengthens the immune system.
  9. Thanks to proteins , rich in all essential amino acids, they have an important energy supply.
  10. They contain few carbohydrates but this does not make you fat!
  11. Finally, quail eggs have anti- allergic properties since they contain elements often used in the making of antihistamines.

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