Exercises for legs and buttocks at home

When you make the decision to tone your body, the legs and buttocks are usually always a priority. However, not everyone has the time and availability to regularly visit a gym. Therefore, if your goal is to avoid the accumulation of fat and flaccidity in these areas, we propose a daily exercise routine that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Today,we will guide you so that you can perform physical exercises that will allow you to tone these muscles, lose weight quickly and gain resistance. Discover below the best 14 exercises for legs and buttocks at home. Get active and take note!

Exercises for legs and buttocks at home

Legs and buttocks are the strongest muscles in the human body, the quadriceps, and calves -in the case of the legs- and the gluteus maximus are the most important. Our mobility depends to a large extent on them, which is why it is essential to keep them in good shape.

The buttocks are usually the main ones affected by a sedentary lifestyle since it is the area where the greatest amount of fat is concentrated due to lack of physical activity and/or a poor diet. Similarly, the legs tend to accumulate excessive flab when not exercised, thus increasing the risk of tears and injuries that can prevent a full life. Below we leave you 14 leg exercises at home and buttock exercises for women and men that should not be missing from your routine.

Squats for glutes

Considered the king of home exercises for legs and buttocks, squats without weight will allow you to warm up to start exercising.

  • Just bend the hips and knees 90 degrees, until the thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • You start standing, with your back straight, and you move your butt back as you flex your hips and knees.
  • You must keep your arms straight, out in front, to maintain stability.

This is one of the most effective exercises for legs and buttocks at home that you can do, however, there are many people who adopt a bad posture when performing them. So that you know exactly how you should do them, take a look at the photograph below. Try to do 12-15 of these squats.

Lateral home squats

To carry out this exercise, you must perform the same dynamics of the classic squat, but this time lean the weight of the body on one of the knees.

  • Perform hip flexion with your legs open 90 degrees.
  • Then lean your body slightly to one side, resting your weight on the balls of your feet.
  • Then return to the base position and do the same movement, leaning to the other side.

Do 6 of these squats on each side.

Jump squat

We present to you, below, one of the best buttock exercises for women and men. With these squats, you will not only exercise your legs and buttocks, but you will keep your whole body active and warm.

  • Part of the base position of the squat.
  • At the end of the flexion of the hips and knees to resume the upright posture, perform a vertical jump.
  • Try to reach the global extension of your body.
  • You should land on your knees and then perform a new repetition.

Ideally, do 10 of these squats per set, but if you’d rather start with 7, don’t worry. Go increase the difficulty as you progress your exercises for the glutes and legs.

Burpee exercise

Burpees are the star exercise in almost all routines, as they are ideal for activating the entire body and strengthening the legs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen. Perform at least 7 burpees within your training and in a short time you will notice amazing differences.

  • Start standing up with your back straight.
  • As fast as you can, but without damaging yourself, crouch down and place both hands on the ground or a mat.
  • Drive your feet back with a small hop and stay in a plank position.
  • You can perform a push-up or not, depending on your own stamina.
  • Bring your feet forward again with good momentum and jump up with your hands up.

If it is still not clear to you, we leave you a video demonstration of How to do a burpee.

Dumbbell lunge exercise

In this exercise routine for legs at home, you cannot miss the famous strides. To perform this exercise correctly, you just have to follow the steps that we indicate below:

  • Begin standing upright with your arms extended vertically above your head.
  • Step forward and bend your knees so that the knee of your trailing leg almost touches the ground (be careful, you could injure your knee if it hits the ground hard).
  • Return to the base position and make sure to push your glutes to work the right muscles.
  • Perform the same movement by changing the leg with which you step forward.
  • If you find it easier or more entertaining, you can perform the stride by taking continuous steps, like a walk.
  • If you don’t have dumbbells handy, you can do the lunge anyway. The dumbbells, however, will help you exercise your arms as well. Do 6 lunges on each side to start, and as your stamina improves, add a few more to each set.

Jumping lunges

Once again, we propose a variant of the previous exercise so that your legs and buttocks work even harder and obtain the best results in the best possible time.

  • Start in the same stance as the single lunge.
  • Do a small forward hop each time you are going to switch legs.
  • You must avoid moving laterally and make slight jumps to cushion the fall.

Chair exercises: rocket

Contrary to its name, this exercise is quite simple, as you only need a sturdy, medium-height chair, step, or piece of furniture to carry it out. Prepared?

  • In a firm and upright posture, support one of the legs on the chair or step.
  • Give yourself momentum as if you were going to start going up some stairs.
  • Keep your supporting leg bent, while your driving leg stays straight in the air before it returns to the ground.
  • Do several repetitions without going all the way up on the chair or the step.
  • Return to the basic position, take a breath, and change your supporting leg.

Do as many reps as you can, but don’t exceed 10 reps per leg.

Jumping jack exercise

Also called “star jump”, these jumps are a perfect exercise for cardio but also to strengthen the legs and buttocks. If you are looking for simple leg exercises at home, you will love jumping jacks.

  • Start standing up, in an upright position.
  • Start jumping by opening and closing your legs.
  • At the same time, go up and raise your arms, so that when you jump and your legs are open your arms are high up and when you jump and finish with your legs together, your arms are relaxed on each side of your body.


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