Low back pain underrated disorder

The low back pain is a pain in the spine, functional complex that acts as a pillar of the human organism; it is not a disease but a symptom of various diseases, having in common the spread of pain in the lumbar region.

It is an extremely common disorder in adulthood, with peak incidence in individuals 40-50 years of both sexes. About 80% of the population is affected at least once in their lifetime.

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Low back pain and sciatica

The symptoms of low back pain are essentially constituted by the occurrence of a feeling of pain that affects the area of the body in the lumbar and sacral spine. Sometimes the all you can extend, also involving the lower extremities; in these cases the disorder gets its name precisely sciatica.

The lumbago is a classic symptom of acute low back pain. It is characterized by intense pain in the lower back caused by a sudden muscle contraction due to excessive stress or a fast movement; in this case the contracted muscles fail to relax and the subject remains bent.

This disorder can occur in acute, subacute and chronic, with varying degrees of disability. It is among the most frequent causes of absence from work and therefore has a high socio-economic impact.

Low back pain has an important impact on quality of life: according to the World Health Organization, this type of pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

The remedies

The remedies against lumbago comprise different solutions, it will use based on the severity of the situation. Very useful are the NSAIDs. If they do not have special effects, your doctor may switch to administration of muscle relaxants. Equally useful are both the physical therapy that special handling techniques to relieve pain in the acute phase.

For chronic low back pain you can also use exercise, tai chi, yoga, stress reduction, laser light therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Only in case of need, or if the soft therapies do not give the desired effect, we must resort to medicines, in which case the preferred therapy with NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen. To debilitating pain, where there is a failure to respond to the fans, you can think of the use of opiates.

The use of opiates only in extreme cases is part of a protocol widely followed in the United States struggling with an epidemic abuse of drugs by the population; the current Italian guidelines, however, are very similar to those in the US: relegate opioids for severe cases, and recommend the use of fans in case of need.

For chronic low back pain it is recommended physical activity, which helps to reduce inflammation and tones the muscles that cushion the spine.

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From what can derive the pain?

Often low back pain is due to a simple contraction, but in some cases may be caused by more serious problems such as a herniated disc or even a tumor.

In the presence of a persistent pain it is appropriate to consult your physician, who knows how to identify a more serious problem (for example in case of severe pain, persistent even at night in the rest position), and directing by a specialist.

We have to distinguish disorders with favorable development from those with unfavorable evolution. In the first case, the problem will correct itself with time, and therefore every therapy, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, that’s fine if it helps to decrease the pain.

In the case of diseases with unfavorable evolution is rather inevitable surgery to fix the problem.

The importance of the right specialist

One of the leading experts: Stuart McGill, a professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada on the subject published over 400 studies; Professor argues that many doctors prescribe pilates, yoga, exercise at all, indiscriminately. But these activities can be harmful for some and worse.

According to the professor the stretching exercises, that all personal trainers recommend, are not always useful indeed, some would be avoided altogether; better than the specific exercises that keep your spine in a neutral position and at the same time strengthen the muscles that provide stability.

Another good habit is to walk shipped, if the pain allows, for three fifteen minute intervals every day. And if you are forced to the desk for long periods it is good to regularly stand up, even for a few minutes. With these measures, back pain gradually disappear, he ensures the expert.


It is important to emphasize again that we must make sure that pain is not the indicator of a more serious problem. The use of a specialist is essential for a proper diagnosis and the right treatment.

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