The freedom of the road for the wheelchair user

The rights and status of those with a physical disability has slowly and surely improved down through the last fifty decades or so. There is still a long way to go in terms of achieving full rights in terms of access but in manners of employment and how a disabled person can be expected to be treated when out in society is clearly laid out for us all. They deserve our respect and patience above others. WIth some of this enshrined in law there are other ways that disabled people acn start to experience the life that the rest of us take for granted.

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For example, taking the ability to drive to the local supermarket, into town, out to a leisure or heritage site in a rural setting or just to go for a drive was an impossibility. This simple act may seem like a regular occurrence for us but to a disabled person to be able to partake in this part of living could represent all the difference. It could have a huge effect on their mental and physical wellbeing as well. Visiting cultural sites, for example, are a great source of mental well being. Being housebound, something that we all experienced during lockdown to a much lesser degree, is soul destroying and extremely detrimental in the long term.

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However with WAV Vehicles, like those from, as an example, the world can suddenly open up for wheelchair users and their families.

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