Marine clinics today

René Quinton opened the first marine dispensaries in the early twentieth century. They seawater was distributed to the population that demanded.

For over a century French scientist René Quinton discovered how to use seawater therapeutically and, at the time, became world famous thanks to its effective method to save lives of people.

He opened marine dispensaries everywhere: first was in Paris, months later opened another in London, Lyon, Montpelier, etc. and as the incredible results of marine therapy were, doctors began sending terminals for which they no longer had any solutions sick.

Even in 1912, he came to eradicate a cholera epidemic in Cairo saving thousands of lives thanks to the properties of seawater.


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Dispensaries and malnutrition

At the time of Quinton marine dispensaries, they were opened in many cities in Europe, where everyone who tried out for treatment, healing especially children with serious problems of malnutrition improved in a few days. Seawater contains large amounts of micronutrients and minerals, it contains all the elements of the periodic table, and its constitution is almost the same as that of blood.

Thanks to these properties of seawater, he managed to save the lives of thousands of children and particularly the healing of atrépsicos babies (general atrophy in the first months of life) who rejected any kind of food was achieved. A few hours after the first injection with marine plasma, babies and fixed the water in the tissues.

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Thousands of children saved with seawater

But not only treated children malnourished or atrépsicos at that time diseases were frequent and devastating. Gastroenteritis caused more than 70,000 child deaths a year. Child cholera large number of children’s lives also took.

Thanks to the marine dispensaries, many people were cured of their ills, and even seawater in the French social security was included because of its effectiveness in the treatment of many diseases.

Marine clinics today

Today is recovering Quinton method in many Third World countries with huge problems of poverty and malnutrition. In Nicaragua, for example, the poorest country in all of Latin America, there are more than 60 marine dispensaries are in full swing, and 95% of cases are cured by drinking an average of half a liter of sea water a day.

Cure deadly diseases such as child malnutrition by which thousands and thousands of children die year after year is easier than we think, or want us to believe. Nicaragua is an example of how the Quinton method can save the lives of many people around the world with a very low cost.

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