Vomiting: Because it can be of different colors

We all will happen, at least once, to vomit, and, for sure, we all agree to call it the “pleasant experience for anything,” but we try to understand how and why it occurs and how we can remedy this.

Vomiting: What is and what caused it?

First, the vomiting is a substantial reaction of the organism in pushing the contents of the stomach to the outside.

Occurs when:

  • We introduce into our body harmful or irritating substances;
  • We see something or perceive an unpleasant odor;
  • We suffer from seasickness.

The body reacts to these situations with a sudden contraction of the diaphragm and the muscles of the abdominal movement, which push outside the substances present in the stomach.

vomiting-because-it-can-be-of-different-colorsTypes of vomiting

The expelled substances are not always the same and, based on this, the vomiting may be:

  • White color is caused by the acid of the gastric juices and can be accompanied by mucus;
  • Yellow can be caused by the expulsion of bile or by a stenosis, that is, the impediment of the passage of some substances due to the narrowing of a blood vessel, of a hollow organ, or an orifice of a duct;
  • Green it can be caused by ingestion of food or expulsion of bile, which is why it is called “bilious vomiting”;
  • Brown can be caused by an intestinal blockage, or from digestion of blood if, for example, we lie after a nosebleed;
  • Red it can be caused by cirrhosis of the liver or an ulcer open stomach or esophagus.

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Vomiting: What physical condition is associated?

Generally, the vomiting is associated with a physical condition of our body, such as, for example:

  1. Intestinal virus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea;
  2. Strong headache;
  3. Strong shock;
  4. Pregnancy;
  5. Block digestion because of the cold;
  6. Appendicitis, has as a symptom vomiting, as well as a sharp pain in his right side;
  7. Sickness or naupatia, i.e. the disturbing condition that occurs when traveling by sea (the common “seasick”);
  8. Gastrointestinal bacteria;
  9. Side effects of medications;
  10. Loss of balance due to labyrinthitis, or ear infection that causes dizziness;
  11. Gastroesophageal reflux;
  12. Food poisoning caused by food not stored properly;
  13. Hematoma on the head: vomiting may also occur several hours after taking a blow to the head;
  14. Production of excess saliva because of a prolonged fasting;
  15. Unpleasant odors;
  16. Overeating, soft drinks and spirits;
  17. Food allergy.

What are the remedies against vomiting?

The vomiting can be very unpleasant, but should not be blocked because, help the body to get rid of substances that cause us discomfort, and it causes immediate relief. And well, however, then, cure the body affected by this condition.

Whatever the cause of vomiting, it is always recommended to visit, so that the physician to determine the most appropriate care. To combat this annoying condition, however, there are, in addition to drugs, many natural remedies, including:

  • Ginger: You can eat a piece, dissolve in tea, or use of drops of essential oil to be sprayed into a handkerchief and sniff for nausea;
  • Fibers: they clear the body of all the harmful and irritating substances and are excellent in case of food poisoning. The foods with greater amounts of fiber are vegetables and fruit;
  • Charcoal;
  • Mint: can dissolve a bit ‘in a drink, such as, for example, green tea and you’ll get great benefits for the body cleaning;
  • Replace a full meal with a hot drink or soup, if the vomiting is caused by poor digestion;
  • cooking water for rice, with added salt, is an ancient and effective remedy for vomiting;
  • Baking soda: promotes proper digestion and free the intestines;
  • Chamomile: one of the most widely used remedies against vomiting because it calms spasms and relaxes the gut.

If you often suffer from this condition, follow these tips and you will learn to know it and fight it!

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