5 Things that Will Make You Feel Less Anxious When Traveling Abroad

Travelling abroad can be fun especially if you’re the adventurous type. However, if this is your first time leaving home and heading to a country you’ve only seen in postcards, then it can be downright stressful just thinking about the many things that can go wrong. While, even the most prepared traveler can still feel anxiety from time to time, they have already learned to conquer it. As for you, you may need these 5 things to make you feel less anxious when travelling abroad.

  1. Travel Insurance – Many first-time travelers ask if they really need a travel insurance. The very short answer is simply, yes. There are many things that can happen in just the same way as you can even meet an accident right inside your very home. A travel insurance should help you defray the costs of any incident that may arise from your travel. For example, travel insurance will typically cover you for delayed and cancelled flights as well as any lost baggage or damaged personal items, among other things. For medical needs however, you will need a European Health Insurance Card to gain access to the public health and medical care services of the 28 member nations of the European Union and the 4 members of the European Free Trade Association. You will have to be a national or a resident of these countries, though to be entitled to the EHIC Card.
  2. Contingency Fund – There will always be instances where you need money to bail you out of your misery. It is not generally advisable to use your credit card in other countries especially those that are known havens for electronic thieves. Now, do understand that this is a contingency and should only be used in cases of emergency. It should not form part of your budget but rather separate from it.
  3. Comfort Item from Home – Do you think you’ll have trouble getting sleep while traveling abroad? Well then, bring your favorite comfort item from home. Most people bring with them their favorite stuffed toy, blanket, or even t-shirt. Whatever makes you feel more at home, you can bring it, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your baggage restrictions.
  4. A Phrasebook for Non-English Speaking Nations – If you’re traveling to an English-speaking country, then communication should not be a problem. However, if you’re going to go to a country that doesn’t really speak English, then you may want to bring with you a phrasebook to make communication a lot easier. Many travelers find communicating in the local dialect to be a major source of frustration and anxiety.
  5. Healthy Food – Nutritious food is essential to worry-free travels. This is especially true if you include certain food items that are known to relax you and help you feel calmer. This can be a great way to stay sane while on a vacation.

Traveling overseas is fun. Don’t let anxiety snuff the fun out of your holiday travels. Make sure to have these 5 items ready with you when traveling abroad.

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