3 Characteristics of a High-Quality Preschool

As a parent, you’re an expert at finding the best things for your child. Though you might know how to choose the safest car seat or most experienced pediatrician, do you know how to choose an excellent preschool? By finding a school with the right traits, you can be sure your child is receiving the quality of care your family deserves. The best preschools in Jacksonville FL have three characteristics in common.

1. Experienced Teachers

When searching for a high-quality preschool, be sure to ask about the training and experience of the teachers. What kind of experience are teachers at that school required to have? What kind of training must they undergo before working with the children? What kind of professional development do they pursue to keep their knowledge fresh? A good school should have high standards for all of its teachers.  

2. Intentional Interactions

After evaluating the background of the teachers at a prospective school, consider taking the time to observe everyday teacher interactions in the classrooms. Look for warm, friendly teachers who respond to the children with patience and understanding. At the same time, be sure that the teachers still hold firm, age-appropriate boundaries for the children. Caring teachers should be compassionate and loving, but still ensure the children interact with their peers and adults with respect.

3. Involved Families

Excellent schools should provide ample opportunities for parent involvement. This may take many forms, such as planned home visits or special events for families. It should also include effective communication between the school and families through regular telephone calls, emails or parent-teacher conferences. Many schools will also document children’s work and developmental progress through written observations or portfolios. This is another great sign that the school prioritizes family interactions. 

In short, great preschools put a high level of care into in every aspect of their school: excellent teachers, loving interactions with children and great relationships with families. You choose only the best for your child in every other area already — why expect anything less of your preschool? 

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