3 Ways To Raise Your Glamour Quotient for Vacation

Are you craving a getaway? It might be to a remote location, a fancy resort, or a quick day trip. You’re certainly in good company; many people are feeling the need to escape from the home routine. Whatever your plans may be, consider how you want to look and feel. It might be time for some extra self-care. Here are a few ways to look and feel more glamorous as you get ready for departure.

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1. Pamper Your Skin

Moist, well-cared-for skin is a signal of vitality and health. It’s also a canvas for your makeup and personal style. Make the most of it! Use a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. Make sure to hydrate and eat plenty of healthy fats to plump up skin cells, and apply a rich cream when you get out of the shower. Need a professional boost? Do a search using terms such as skin renew microneedling RF to find a high-quality clinician.

2. Care for Your Hair

Healthy, glossy tresses add glamour to any look. Visit your hair professional for an overall shaping — even a bit of dusting will make your hair look its best and hold a style more easily. Experiment with a few simple hair accessories to help keep your hair looking great as you travel. Check on the weather at your destination to help you decide what products and accessories to pack.

3. Maximize Your Style

Think of your personal style as being the authentic you — intensified. Take a look at your closet and remove items that don’t spark joy and delight. Now, take out a few easy-pack pieces that you love to wear. This is your travel wardrobe!

Maximizing your glamour for vacation involves a few simple steps. Try these easy ideas to feel and look great on the go.

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