Types of self-esteem: What’s yours?

Take into account the types of self-esteem could be a very important factor if we are to achieve our welfare. It is also the key to interact with the environment around us in a positive and healthy way. However, despite this, not all are equal and there are different types of self – esteem.

Today we will see that there are three types of self-esteem that we can define as people. This does not mean that our self-esteem only belong to one of these categories, in fact, we all know that sometimes we are more euphoric, while we sometimes feel more depressed.

It all depends on what happens in that moment of our lives. However, you can know what kind of self-esteem that dominates you. What occurs more often?

When our self-esteem is higher, we suffer less stress and can control anxiety simply, the failures we experience are less harmful and we recover from painful experiences faster.


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The types of self-esteem

After decades of research on what is self – esteem, there are some points on which most psychologists seem to agree.

The definition can be summarized in one of three types of standard self-esteem based on competition, the reputation, and the combination of competition and reputation.

The inflated self-esteem

People who have “inflated self-esteem” think they are better than others are, and certainly are underestimating everything around him. Self-esteem is very negative, because it avoids the issue of establishing relations of love and healthy.

Competitiveness is always there and always wants to be above. For these people, happiness is success, but really cannot be happy with this attitude.

People with inflated self-esteem stand out because they are unable to listen to others and be self-critical. They are not able to correct their mistakes and, therefore, always cast blame others. They also tend to despise others who adopt a hostile behavior towards them.

For these people it is very difficult to establish healthy relationships with others because you always see them as competition.

However, note that it is not a false self-esteem! Perhaps behind the desire to always be the best, there is a very insecure person, with many fears that have led to show himself as someone who is not.

If a person with high self-esteem is very superficial and materialistic, it is probably because it has false increase self-esteem.

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High self-esteem

People who have this kind of self-esteem accept and value themselves. Self-esteem is considered positive because this way the subject is satisfied with his life. This implies that there will be obstacles to overcome again? Of course n or, but the confidence and the courage to face any problems get it easier.

“People with high self-esteem do not try to prove their worth by competing against a standard of comparison. Their joy is to be what they are not better than someone else is.”

Believe in themselves and have confidence is what distinguishes those who have this kind of self-esteem. However, that does not make them arrogant or feel superior over others.

Simply having the necessary security to prevent adverse circumstances and events you lie down. However, within this high self – esteem, there are people who are destabilized. This means they are not able to maintain high self-esteem in a consistent manner.

What distinguishes these people suffering from a recurrent insecurity? Being aggressive or passive, not wanting to have other views, in short, what happens especially in competitive contexts where insecurity becomes something impossible to treat?

Low self-esteem

People with low self-esteem are the opposite of those with high self-esteem. No stress, lack confidence in their abilities and feel insecure in almost all occasions.

Fear of failure is something they obsess and their blocks. They are the perfect example of unhappy people. “The need to speak ill of others indicates low self-esteem. That is, “feel so unimportant that try to worsen prefer to rest rather than improve themselves”

People with low self-esteem moments can feel euphoria at a time when all is well, but as soon as things start to go wrong, self-esteem is reduced very quickly. These people are easily influenced and sensitive, often express their views, but do not defend.

There are some people with this kind of self-esteem that are not as unstable, in fact, your problem is indecision. Have little confidence in themselves, they are underestimated, and have so much equivocation that think they are ever to rise to the occasion.

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