It protects everything good in you

Since both good and bad ends infecting, especially the latter, protects the essence of your personality that you should not change no matter what happens.

We all have something good, but sometimes we feel contaminated round all the negativity around us. So protects the good that is in you, for there, but now you find yourself not very sure.

There are people in this world who are like garbage trucks. They are just full of debris also share with others. These wastes can result in anger, frustration, fear, resentment…

Think, for example, in a dustbin. Just it does not smell good; so if you spend much time near one, you’ll end up smelling bad. There are many people like that contaminates, snatching all the good in you.

Do not let, you have to protect you.

everything good in you

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Emotions are contagious

As we well mentioned, it seems that if we are very close to someone who harbors negative emotions, unintentionally, will transmit us. It is something we cannot avoid and we can only face turning away.

But should we blame these people? The truth is that no, because each of us has what may . We relate and behave as we are, we cannot do otherwise!

Despite this, it protects that much still resides in you.

If you are interacting with a person who has many fears, sooner or later you will instill fears. You end up putting the same glasses used to view the world and, suddenly, your perspective will change.

It is important to avoid such infections. We must protect our own emotions that quickly can become negative.

Why it is so important to surround yourself with healthy people, people who can bring you good things. There are many circumstances that can lead a person to become toxic, but that you do not have to influence you!

Whenever possible, choose people who do want at your side. If you cannot choose because, for example, you have to deal with them in your work, it’s time to put a barrier in the middle so they do not influence its toxicity.

Did you leave that rotten fruit bowl in knowing that the rest also will rot apple? The choice is in your hands.

You decide if you want to leave pollute or protect the good in you. He thinks this last is the most difficult, so the result will be much more satisfying.

Protect your essence

Protect your personality, your good parts, your own essence; it will be very difficult, but not impossible. Therefore, it is very important to look back and find out what has changed over recent years.

Like the person that you’ve become?

All the experiences we live will mark us. Unwittingly, we will become stronger under certain circumstances and situations that affect us before, but now do not.

Just do not forget all those qualities that you felt proud. Be sure not to lose them, because they are part of you.

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It is true that all this should come in time. Nobody is born learned and just be the mistakes that teach us to act in the future to a similar circumstance. Therefore, it is very important that you learn from all the mistakes that you make.

With all this, we want to give an idea that we often forget and can serve breath on more than one occasion: what others say and do is your problem.

This brief reflection allows us to be aware that it is our responsibility to be who we are. We can never blame others for what we have become because you have the choice to accept or be contrary in your hands.

If you feel bad because toxic people around you, why you still have not done anything? This is not to protect the good that is in you is get carried away by negativity.

Perhaps, because it is much easier. Maybe because you do not stop feeling a victim of everything and everyone.

There’s something you have not noticed: you are the protagonist of your own life, so protect it.

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