How To Sleep More Soundly

Sleep can feel like the thing that everyone wants more of, but no one knows how to get it. With so many challenges to restful and restorative slumbers, it can feel like an uphill battle. While there are certainly common hurdles to getting a good night’s sleep, you don’t need to continue to suffer. If you want to sleep more soundly, here are a few must-try tips.


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Darken Your Bedroom

If your bedroom gets ambient light or if the rising sun interrupts your sound slumbers too early, darkening your bedroom is a necessary step. Adding layer shades Medford to your bedroom, wearing an eye mask while you sleep and turning your alarm clock or phone away from your bed are ways that you can stop light from disrupting your sound sleep.

Keep it Quiet

Another common disturbance to sleep is detectable noise. Whether this is from sounds in your neighborhood or noticeable sounds in your home, noise is a common disruptor of sleep. While you cannot control the noises outside of your home, you can use tools to dampen the effects of the sound. Consider trying a white noise machine, earplugs and other noise reduction tools at night if you want to sleep better.

Replace Your Mattress

Many adults don’t realize that there is a lifespan to mattresses. Most mattresses need to be replaced after about ten years or so. An old mattress or one that is not suitable for your specific sleep needs can leave you with diminished quality sleep and make it hard to fall asleep. Consider how you sleep, your comfort level and explore your options so that you can find a mattress that gives you the best chance at a good night’s sleep.

While sleep may feel like an unattainable dream, it can be easier to reach than you thought. Don’t let another night of poor-quality sleep ruin your day when you can make these changes and improve every night from here on out.

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