Playtime & Toy Nostalgia

You got to have some really cool toys when you were growing up in the 80s. The eighties did something right, as many of the toys released in the 1980s are now enjoying a second life. Kids used to play with toys before the internet, and they played outside. These kids are now adults, with disposable incomes. They want to be nostalgic and remember their old toys.

Cabbage Patch Kids

These dolls were the ones that defined the 1980s. Many children around the world collected them because of their uniform faces, complete with birth certificates and adoption papers. They were so popular that parents would fight about low stocks in the run-up to Christmas.

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You’ll need to use your brains and wits as you race against the clock in order to place all of the correct shapes before time runs out. The board will then throw all the pieces at you. It was funny, exciting and a little bit frightening!


A game that requires a steady hand and was quite scary. The goal of the game is to remove the organs from the body without knocking on the sides, or else a loud alarm would sound and the nose of the patient would turn red. It was so popular that it could be found in nearly every home of the 1980s.

Anywhere Outside

In the 80s, when the weather was nice, we were sent out early in the morning and then called back to have lunch and tea. We spent hours of imaginative play in parks, fields and playgrounds. Footie, hide-and-seek, capture the flag, and tag were just a few of the games we played. The playgrounds were always popular, and we spent hours swinging on swings or dangling off climbing frames. For today’s Playgrounds Cheltenham, visit

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Care Bears and My Little Pony

In 1983, little girls from all over the globe were enthralled by the care bears and wanted to collect them. Soon, the cute bears that represent different emotions will be returning to store shelves to enchant another generation of girls. My Little Pony ponies all had different coloured manes and different stories, which was a big trend in the 1980s. The range featured a variety of accessories, including sparkly glittery ones. These toys helped set a trend that children would want to keep buying the same item over and over again, even if they were just different colours!

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