The Descendants and life in Hawaii

There are many films set on the beautiful Pacific islands of Hawaii. It’s a part of the USA and its youngest member state. This sleepy seeming island is one of the most visited places in the USA and remains a hugely popular tourist attraction and location.  Usually the setting for a series of frothy romantic comedies, the film The Descendants attempts to show a side of Hawaiian life that is not always seen. Mainly it is about the people who live there.

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The story centres around Matt King. He is the owner of a considerable amount of land on the island. This is worth millions and he has carefully managed his finances while the rest of his family have squandered theirs. They are keen for him to sell the land and Matt has to do so at some point under an ancient Hawaiian law. To add to this pressure, his wife is involved in a boating accident and goes into a coma. She needs constant care such as that a Nursing Agency Stroud based operation can provide.

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There is also the added problem, or rather problems of his 2 daughters. One is a bully and the other is addicted to various substances while at her expensive boarding school. It turns out that Matt’s wife was having an affair with a man named Brian. Matt, his daughters and their friend Sid, go to the Kauai island to find the man and tell him the bad news. What follows is a journey of discovery.

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