Things To Know Before Using Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are obtained from extracts with a high concentration of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The extracts vary in their CBD and THC concentrations, some having 99% THC while others mostly CBD with little THC. Below is a list of things to know before using cannabis concentrates.

Concentrates Are Safe

There are various concentrates in the market, including shatter, wax, dabs, resin, and oil. The body processes cannabinoids in concentrates or flowers the same; the only difference is that small quantities in concentrate are the same as a lot more in flowers.

Concentrates are governed by regulatory compliance to ensure they do not contain harmful substances. According to the regulatory body overseeing it, products available on the shelf of licensed cannabis retailers have to be safe for consumption.

Cannabis Concentrates Provide Many Benefits

Cannabis concentrates are helpful for individuals with anxiety disorders, PTSD, insomnia, depression, and chronic pain. The concentrates have fast-acting attributes, are easy to consume, and are usually a win-win for individuals who require fast relief.

There Are Various Ways To Consume Concentrates

The beauty of concentrates is various easy and convenient ways to consume them. The methods are often clean, very discrete, and fast-acting. You can choose to go with a traditional dab rig or a vape pen.

Rigs are not portable, while vape pens are very portable. Starters are advised to go with vape pens to experience how wax feels and to gauge the limits. Consider trying out dab rigs as you get experience.

Concentrates Are Created Through Two Unique Methods

According to an expert from a Los Angeles solventless company, there are two methods for removing and concentrating cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, that are mechanical and solvent-based extraction.

Mechanical extraction methods press the cannabis plant resulting in concentrates like hash, kief, or rosin; solvent-based extraction applies volatile chemicals to dissolve trichomes from the plant material. The solvent is then removed, leaving wax, shatter, or vape oil extracts.

Obtain concentrates from a regulated recreational cannabis dispensary as they provide the best customer service and the highest quality products. Consider visiting a cannabis dispensary with knowledgeable staff, a user-friendly experience, and a variety of high-quality products.

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