Why Your Training Needs to Incorporate Swimming

If you’ve ever watched professional swimming, you’ll no doubt have noticed the pure athleticism of the competitors. Their physiques are often envied. They are lean, muscular, and toned yet remarkably strong and agile.

All of this comes from their hard work and dedication, of course, but perhaps what you might want to think is how you can benefit, too. Simply by changing up your own training regime and ensuring that your workouts incorporate swimming, you’ll experience new benefits from your workout. Perhaps you’re wondering, “are there swimming pools near me?” Fortunately, Pay As U Gym has a handy search function to make is easy to find pools and they offer drop-in passes so you don’t have to commit to a membership at the pool – visit: https://www.payasugym.com/find-a-gym?products=pools.

If you’re not convinced why your training needs to incorporate swimming, then read on.


Most people’s fitness aims include the goals to burn more calories, develop muscle mass whilst staying lean and improve their endurance levels. Swimming can tick all of these boxes. You won’t change overnight, but by incorporating a trip to a swimming pool into your usual routines the change will be noticeable in a relatively short period of time.

Full Body

Bicep curls work the biceps…swimming hits the whole body. Moreover, it is low impact, so it won’t put your joints at risk. It is a major cardio-based workout and the benefit of the water is that there is no sweat! Water offers 12 times the resistance of air, in every direction, but it also supports the body. So, there is muscle development and toning whilst boosting your metabolism. Great!


Some people love them, and some loathe them. For the latter, swimming offers a genuine alternative. But the former shouldn’t discount the local swimming pools, far from it.

Some gyms have a pool, so you’re already there. It can be used for maintenance or for your cardio work, leaving you to focus on other goals in the gym. Swimming also creates a degree of confidence that will have you trying other forms of exercise, before too long.


The world in which we live is high paced, full on, need it yesterday, pressure, pressure, pressure…This lifestyle is clearly very dangerous to your health and any escape from it should be welcomed with open arms.

Swimming is calming. Just being in the water and being supported can create calm. The fact that there is water also takes us away from the major cause of stress, our phones. Switching off and tuning out, whilst exercising is a wonderful positive attained through swimming.


Even if you are not a member of a local gym, there are undoubtedly swimming pools in your area. They can be enjoyed alone, or with family, meaning that not just you will benefit. You’ll be engaging with the family whilst not losing valuable workout time. Swimming can also actually be great fun, which is something that cannot be said for the majority of exercise routines. Enjoying a workout will more likely mean repeating it, as it won’t seem like quite the chore.

Never dismiss anything that could be good for you. Do not become so stuck in your ways that you feel only your routine is right. Learn to embrace different sports and activities. Learn to engage your muscle groups in different ways, and if all else fails, look at a professional swimmer’s body and then convince yourself that they do not look great.


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