Why pomegranate useful for the organism?

Today will discuss a number of favorite fruit as pomegranate. Why pomegranate useful for the body? What can be prepared from it?

Pomegranate fruit is useful because it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, due to the fact that it contains a lot of iron, it increases the number of red blood cells in the body and as a result the hemoglobin rises. Pomegranate juice is not only useful, but also to cork, where you can cook a lot of useful for the body and health.


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Why pomegranate useful for the organism?

Pomegranate a storehouse of vitamins, acids, fiber, a source of iron, which is a must for a high hemoglobin content. Also known garnet rich in magnesium, which is essential to have a strong and healthy heart vessel. Iodine is also found in garnet and iodine needed for a strong immune system, healthy nervous system and memory. Acid and volatile contained in garnet, well affect the operation of the food system.

Pomegranate juice is very useful, it can be drunk courses, within 10 days, then a week break and again 10 days of taking the juice. Pomegranate juice cannot drink on an empty stomach to the bloodstream have been many vitamins from the juice of a pomegranate and vegetables make mixes and take as a vitamin and cleanser. Per liter of pomegranate juice, prepare a mix of vegetables in a blender grind a few radish, cucumber, tomato, parsley twig, branch dill, a few leaves of spinach. All vegetables and herbs fill the pomegranate juice and drink a few sips throughout the day. This tool is great imbues the body with vitamins and removes toxins and waste products.

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Pomegranate juice from anemia

Anemia can take pomegranate juice, be sure to cook the juice from pomegranates themselves, or buy at the market, fresh juice, juice taking a course of 20 days, you need to drink it in divided portions. After breakfast drink 50 g of juice, lunch, and 50 g of juice after dinner drink 100 g of juice, snack, 100 g of juice after supper 150 g of juice.

Furthermore, juice health is also very useful peel of pomegranate; they are widely used and can remove inflammatory processes, fermentation processes in the gut, as microorganisms, which provoke various diseases of the esophagus. The pomegranate peels contain polyphenol, which is able to destroy the E. coli. Decoction of pomegranate peel is used to relieve inflammation of the kidneys, it is possible to treat a sore throat, tonsillitis, disease of the joints. Dried sliced pomegranate peel can be used to prepare the broth, per liter of boiling water, add 1 tbsp pomegranate peels, and then on low heat for 5 minutes. Cover the broth and allow to stand for an hour, then strain and take 3 times a day after meals, 50 ml, receiving a course of 10 days. For gargling may be added to the broth broth chamomile and soda, so the effect of gargle for inflammation significantly improved.

Pomegranate peel cough

Chop peel pomegranate powder per liter of boiling water will need 1 tbsp powder means bring to a boil and add 1 tablespoon grated ginger root, then all on low heat for a minute. Remove the broth from the heat and let stand, then filter and take in the form of heat with honey, 100 ml after meals 5 times a day.

Also peel a pomegranate are considered anthelmintic, after administration, which should take a laxative or enema to do.

There are some contraindications to garnet crusts, including gastric ulcers, hemorrhoids, constipation, inflammation of the gallbladder, and pancreas, kidney stones.

It is important to monitor health and to protect it, but it is also important not to overdo it in the treatment and do everything in moderation.

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