4 Things To Learn During Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a precious year. Kids are growing up, but they are still young and sweet, eager to soak in knowledge. Parents should enjoy the endeavor of letting go but also preparing their littles for the bigger world. Many may think that the primary focus is instilling a love of reading. That is ever so important, but there is more to kindergarten curriculum Cambridge MA. Parents should also consider the following four life skills.

1. How To Get Along With Others

While many kids practiced friendship in preschool, kindergarten is a big year for developing connections. At this age, kids are recognizing their interests, finding others who share the same connections. On the other hand, friction may become evident with others as differences and personalities stand out. Children must cope with handling those concerns. Encourage little ones to listen and be polite, despite any behavioral challenges.

2. Overcoming Hardships

As teachers push new material, chances are your tots are going to find things harder than usual. This may be the first experience with academic struggles. When nervousness or frustration appears, be there to comfort and support. Discuss how to study and push through. Read books about others who had troubles. Talk about your own issues growing up. People aren’t perfect. Discuss that early on.

3. Motor Skills

As writing becomes more prevalent, it’s important that students know how to properly hold a pencil. If it’s done incorrectly, the stance could lead to aggravation and pain. Both of these feelings discourage additional writing practice and activities.

4. Visual Discrimination

Understanding sight words and letters rely on solid visual discrimination. It may not be enough to drill letters themselves. As kids recognize subtle changes in stories, pictures and games, they teach their eyes and brain to recognize variations. Play hidden figure activities, put together puzzles and discuss missing elements or changes.

While focusing on academic concepts, devote some time to talking about life. Kindergarten is the perfect opportunity to lay the right foundation.

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