How to make Christmas wreaths with what you have at home

The Christmas wreath that welcomes guests on the front door can be built from recycled materials you already have at home: old books, metal coat hangers, and plastic cups can become your DIY festive wreath, for recycle creatively and immerse yourself in the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

The garland is the decoration that most of all makes the Christmas house: it welcomes guests at the entrance, right on the door, and immediately exclaims: ” Christmas !”. And it does not need to be made with real branches and cuttings of pines and firs (especially if we want to be green , avoiding having to throw away the material, not being able to plant it at the end of the holidays as can happen with Christmas trees). Also the garlands obtained from creative recycling are widespread.

Even in this case, do-it-yourself can come in handy : with what you have at home it is possible to create very pretty, simple but effective Christmas wreaths , to immerse your home in the Christmas atmosphere even before crossing the threshold. . They are easy to make , no special materials are needed (other than common tools that are usually found in all homes) and can be assembled in a short time (even with the help of your children).

How to make DIY Christmas wreaths

1.The garland with the hanger

2.With the pages of old books

3.With the plastic cups

1. The garland with the hanger

An old hanger, pliers and old balls to decorate the Christmas tree become a garland simply by opening the hanger, folding it into a circle and chaotically threading the balls, then closing the garland on top by folding the metal on itself. .


  • A metal hanger
  • A pliers
  • Old Christmas baubles


  • Fold the hanger to form a circle and cut the top with pliers.
  • Insert the balls.
  • Close your garland with the help of the pliers.

2. With the pages of old books

Don’t throw old books away! Not only are they beautiful, but they can become, by folding and gluing them, a charming Christmas wreath .


  • Old pages of a book
  • Vinyl glue
  • Old Christmas baubles or a little bow


  • Fold the pages of the book into a cone.
  • Arrange them to form a garland and secure them to the base with vinyl glue.
  • Cover the center of the wreath with small balls or a bow, again with glue (if that’s not enough, you can use hot glue).

3. With the plastic cups

You will need plastic cups and a stapler : in a short time you will be able to join the glasses by recreating the shape of the garland, then decorating it on top with a voluminous red bow (also to be made with recycled materials).


  • Some plastic cups
  • A stapler
  • A large staple of paper or cloth


  • Clip the glasses by fixing them laterally to each other, forming a garland.
  • Decorate with a red bow on top and hang on the door.
Christmas wreaths
Christmas wreaths

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