How to store pears

Pears are often thought of as a purely autumnal fruit, but the reality is that they can be found (almost) all year round: each season has its own variety, with its own well-defined taste.

What does not change between one species and another is the method of conservation, to keep them always ready for use throughout the year. How many methods do you know? Today we give some tips to preserve pears with ease (and taste)!

Store pears at room temperature, in the refrigerator or freezer

Storing pears out of the refrigerator depends on many factors, first and foremost the temperature of the room: in winter they can last even a couple of days when they reach ripeness, while in summer they will tend to rot almost immediately once ripe.

In the refrigerator, the shelf life is visibly longer: if mature they can last about 2 days without protection or up to 1 month if enclosed in a Virosac Fridge Bag.

On the other hand, there are different ways of freezing pears, to keep them in the freezer. The first three steps are the same for all methods: peel and cut the pears, wash and dry, and finally sprinkle with squeezed lemon juice, so that they do not turn black.

Later you can decide to keep them in this way (preferably in a food tray ) or to make them sweeter by covering them with sugar syrup.

Pears in a jar and jamsHow to store pears

Storing pears in jars is a fairly common way, especially for those who love fruit-based desserts.

The steps are very simple but require patience, like most of these preparations (such as pickles and pickles).

As always, it starts with the sterilization of the jar; in the meantime, the pears are cured and boiled with water, sugar, spices, and lemon juice.

When the pears are soft and the syrup reduced, pour everything into the jar, proceeding with the classic operations to close it hermetically.

Similar preservation for pears takes place during the preparation of jams, sweets for breakfast, or spicier for pairing with cheeses (have you ever tasted the mustard sauce based on pears and green tomatoes? In this case, retrieve the grandmother’s recipe book and propose the family preparation again: impossible to go wrong!

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