Tell me where you accumulate fat and tell you what you should

Regardless of the area of ​​the body where fat accumulates, aerobic exercise is very effective to reduce, although we combine it with others, as we want to obtain results.

Each person has more or less fat in different parts of the body. While this may be due to genetics or even sex (for example, women are building up in the hips and men, in the womb) also our habits or what we eat may be changing body shape.

This article will tell you what the sector where you have more fat should be.

Accumulate fat

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Why fat accumulates?

Each area of the body stores fat differently. When it gains weight, two different mechanisms occur: firstly, hip down increases the amount of fat cells and, on the other, from the waist up, which increases the size of fat cells.

This has undoubtedly a different impact in each region. Fat is the way for the body to save energy, but not all is “stored” in the same place. There are three types:

Subcutaneous fat

It is the one that is closer to the skin and the first is lost during exercise. The genetics and hormones have much to do to make this fat staying in one area and not another.

Visceral fat

It is more internalized in the body and accumulates around the organs. Of course, it poses a danger when the amount is excessive.

Generally an excess of subcutaneous fat precedes excess visceral fat.  It is therefore recommended not to have a belly very prominent.

Intramuscular fat

It is maintained between muscle fibers, although this hardly occurs compared to the other two types. It occurs in people with a lot of overweight and obesity and can cause insulin resistance, a major cause of diabetes.

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4 areas of fat accumulation

The body is governed by hormones, according to their levels can help your health or the opposite. The amount determines your mood, the shape of your body, the energy you have, etc.

There are studies that have shown that they can determine where fat is deposited. Pay attention to the most common hormonal imbalances and its consequences for the body shape:

Fat chest and arms: Testosterone

When this hormone is below normal it is noticeable in biceps and chest fatter “inflated” but not by exercise and weight training. Another hormone male causing this are androgens.

The solution is to eat healthy fats not hydrogenated, vitamin B and protein, in addition to weight – bearing exercises and strength.

Fat shoulders and hips: Insulin

Imbalances of this hormone in the blood cause accumulation of sugars, which are then converted into fat. It is the typical fat of those who love sweets.

The solution is to reduce consumption of desserts, sweets and carbohydrates of high glycemic index.

Abdominal fat: Cortisol

Also known as “the stress hormone” is to blame for fat to accumulate in the belly, both women and men. It should lead a more relaxed life, reduce intake of sugar and increase B5 vitamins and C.

Fat on hips: Estrogen

They are female hormones and therefore determine that women accumulate fat in the thighs and hips (what is known as “pear body”).

Metabolism is responsible for that has much estrogen, and liver should remove them. To do eat broccoli and foods with folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12.

Exercises for each body

In this case, we speak of 5 profiles that accumulate fat in a different area.

1. Delgado with bulging belly

This type of silhouette appears when eaten by anxiety, you are always nervous and although diet does not lower tummy. The accumulation of fat in this area can lead to suffer cardio-metabolic and disease hypertension or diabetes.

The best exercises in this case are:

  • Moderate aerobic, between 3 and 4 times a week
  • Abdominals
  • Postural
  • Yoga or meditation

2. Bell-shaped or pear

When the trunk is small relative to the hips, slimming and costs, much fat accumulates on the thighs, legs and hips.

It is a large percentage of women and that has a biological and evolutionary response: let the body ready for pregnancy.

This morphology is more vulnerable to cellulite and fluid retention. The good news is that the chances of heart or metabolic problems are minor.

Recommended exercises include:

  • Aerobics
  • Endurance sports (spinning, swimming, cycling)
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi

3. Form cylinder

No difference in proportions between waist, hips and trunk fat is distributed in the abdomen and hip. It is the fastest you can lose weight.

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The risks associated with this morphology are metabolic sudden changes. As for the exercise, routine is recommended:

  • Comprehensive training (aerobic, localized and weightlifting)
  • Toning (running, jumping, cycling)
  • Abdominals

4. Large body

To fatten this person does in proportion and there is no place to hoard more fat. The risks have to do with self-esteem, because they are so tall and large does not fit anywhere.

The exercises that best results are awarded:

  • Endurance sports (swimming, cycling, walking)
  • Body language and dancing
  • postural

5. Shape hourglass

In this case, the typical curves of women are well defined; the waist is narrow in relation to his torso and hips. Fat accumulates in breasts and thighs in the same proportion.

You can gain weight easily and it is difficult to strengthen your muscles. It has less cardiovascular risk and increased life expectancy.

The exercise routine should include:

  • Aerobic activity (running, biking, elliptical)

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